Friday, July 31, 2009

Adrenaline rush

It's the weekend again, whee!
Again, our appointments are packed, like a glass of water filled to the drim threatening to overflow anytime.
It's payday and I can feel the adrenaline pumping in my head hehe

- Buy new handphone to replace my dead Samsung U700 from Changi T3.
- Dessert with Hubby at T3 then paktor.

- Bathe & feed Adam, then leave Adam with Andy's folks
- Swing by Adam's PD to buy infant probiotics cos finished liao
- Lunch at Sukiya, Marina Square
- Buy baby stroller
- Andy's haircut at Orchard 3pm
- Shopping in Orchard
- Dinner with Adam and Andy's folks

- Go back to my parents' place

Actually supposed to meet our Financial planner to finalise our investments and Adam's insurance plans but I cant fit her anywhere in our schedule this entire week!

Before I go, here's a shot of my Happy happy Bubs at bathtime, being his usual chirpy self :)

Bye bye and enjoy your lovely weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quiet Monday

It's a quiet Monday for us today.
The dogs are well behaved. I even did a round of Obedience with Mavy and he actually remembers all his commands and did a pretty darn good Recall, if I may say so myself.
I cant wait to get back to training with Mavy again.

Baby Adam is a mellow fellow today too, thank goodness. Because if he werent, I wont have the energy to deal with him either.. I am still suffering the repercussions of our insane weekend, and went about the whole day doing things in half steam. zzzzZZzz

He is a good boy, entertaining himself on his Disney play gym.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crazy Sunday

Woke up at 6.45am and was out of the house by 8.30am, with a huge Neverfull filled with baby essentials and a sleepy Kai Kai in tow.
Poor baby but no choice cos our weekends are a mad rush everywhere with everyone wanting a piece of our 牛仔 (Cowboy)!

First it was to my house to visit my Grandma and Aunt LY (great-grandmother and grand aunt).
Then it was back home for Cowboy to rest because he had dinner appointment with his other great-grandma (Andy's grandmother).

[ But in between so many things happened.
First, Andy's Dad called to say Alice squeezed through our gate and ran away. Then he went to find her with Mavy the kaypo tagging along.
And then fatefully, Mavy was excited when he saw our Australian uncle neighbour who was incidentally, very friendly and wanted to play with him but didnt know how strong Mavy is so when Mavy jumped on that poor old man who has had a CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) done, that really scared the SHIT out of him.
Then we got home and went over to his house to apologise.
But again, before reaching home we nearly got into an accident which would have flung our Cowboy from the back towards the windscreen had I not been breastfeeding him at the backseat because of the heavy traffic and some Muther-#$*%$* was weaving in and out of lanes.
I was really scared out of my wits and shudder to think what might have happened. I mean, there's really no saying "should have" or "what if" because accidents are accidents and if it's meant to happen it will happen. Right? And it's not like we didnt observe road safety to begin with... Sigh... what a scare. And what a DRAMA MAMA chain of events! ]

By 9pm I'm totally FLAT... . .. zzzzZZZzz.
Maybe next week we should all order pizza home delivery and have ALL the people who want to see Kai Kai, come to see Kai Kai. Yeah I think that would be a great idea.

牛仔很忙! (Cowboy is very busy!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

I'm really excited that the weekend is finally here!
What a busssyyyy week for us leh... with Baby A and spending the whole week keeping our appointments. Met our financial planner twice lor!
But finally we settled our investments and Baby A's insurance plans. (Heaves a huge sigh of relief!)

So today, being Saturday, Andy was a good Daddy who woke up early to bathe Baby A and we left him in Andy's mum's care while we went Vivo City (again) for shopping.
I'm really thankful to have sucha wonderful MIL who is competent in caring for Baby A and best of all she doesnt mind and in fact enjoys spending time with him.
Aint I lucky to have my Mum, Andy's mum and Aunt LY to help me out with our Little Rascal :) Time to plan for Princess Valentina? muaahahahaha~ just kidding

Okays back to shopping at Vivo City.. Yes I love going to Vivo City because it's so family-friendly (read: Many baby stores :P )
Bought some MORE BabyGAP tees and pants for Baby A again, and bought some clothes for us too.

This is my favourite of today's shopping loot! :

Ultimate Frisbee Champ

Yes, without a doubt my baby will grow up to be Ultimate Frisbee & Dogsports trainer like his Mummy and Daddy haha

Back to the topic...

This is Baby A dressed up for dinner with Ah Gong and Ah Ma.

Looking Ah Beng in his red color Fah-lah-li. Manual transmission somemore - by his parents. Ahem.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Baby Adam is going on 12weeks (3mos) old now and I think every parent knows what the Terrible Threes mean!

He doesnt sleep lor! He is so wide awake and wants to explore everything in his vision field.
He gets bored of being in his rocker for too long (long being, 15min??).. and he got tired of his musical mobile bears in his cot.

And because he cannot walk or crawl yet, he demands to be carried everywhere and wants to be part of everything I do. Like this morning, I had to put him on our bed while I changed the bedsheets.
It's hard to get anything done and thankfully Andy's mum is doing all the other chores so I just have to devote my 200% attention on Baby Adam. *sweat*

I hate hammocks or the yao lan because it makes the house looks unglam but in my desperate attempt to make him get some shut-eye during the day so I can jolly well do my own things, I have no choice.
I dont know if it's the rhythmic rocking motion that's hypnotising him but who cares?
Yes I am really desperate.

Ok to be fair to him, he does sleep. At night. After his bedtime feed at 10pm-11pm, he will sleep till 9am the next morning and only wake up once at 4am for milk.
He wont fuss and will just sleep throughout, which is some comfort.

Well I guess I just have to be even more sleepless than I already am, and hope that he will outgrow this phase when he is old enough to entertain himself with toys.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The precious weekend just came and went

Bought some fabric books for our precious Kai Kai which has Discovery Farm, 123 ABC and Zoo animals, and also a Baby Einstein teething ring.

When we got home, Andy & I read the books to our little one and though he didnt understand, he was captivated by the bright colors and pictures.

We also finally collected his Calligraphy brush from KKH...

It has his Chinese name and birthdate engraved on it, as well as two verses which say:
which means "The fabled roc flies ten thousand miles" or in other words, "one's future is brilliant"

Okays, enough of the are some updates about Adam's parents... ahem..

Andy plans to drive up to KL one of these weekends.
He intends to take our Little Red Turbo Car for her last roadtrip and burn some tyres on the Sepang tracks before we buy a new car.
This is another sign that we are moving on to the next chapter of our lives. We need a more baby-friendly car because LRTC has rock-hard suspensions which send the car bouncing and going "ging gong ging gong" even when she goes over the slightest tar strips and sends Baby Adam's milk purging out of his mouth and it drives me insane to see my baby throwing up.

But but, we havent decided which car to buy yet and we also need to plan which weekend to go on the road trip, which we are taking forever to do... so... until then....

And also, I didnt ask for it, but Andy has allowed me to be a SAHM!
The other night we were talking about Adam's addiction to my breast and how precious he is to us.
Actually the conversation went like this:
Andy: Honey, look how much he wants to latch on. How can you bear to deny him of your breasts?
Me: But he just took 90ml of breast milk from the bottle and he just wants to latch on for comfort... What will happen when I go back to work? Your mum will die.
Andy: Then you just take no pay leave and stay at home and look after him lor... I will give you allowance what. And your part of housing loan, I pay lor... Ok?

WOW me so happy to hear those words from my Hubby leh! hehehe
I'm practically floating and I immediately have mental images of me and Adam doing so many fun things together, exploring his growing up milestones and of me sending Andy to work and fetching him home from work.
The best part is, I dont have to do housework or cook meals because Andy's mum will be doing that.
Then she will have more free time to do her stuff too - like hanging out with her market aunty friends and chatting on the phone every noon.
The housework will be done, every member of the family fed, and Adam will have his mummy to take care of him. Isnt that a brilliant plan? HEHEHE :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Adam at Play

Baby Adam amusing himself with his musical bears. I'm glad the bears entertained him for a good one hour so I could EBM and do some stuff like practice my photo-taking skills!
He batted the bears happily and when they moved, he coo-ed and seemed to be mighty pleased with himself!

It's the Aussino sales.. and I can smell the weekend drawing closer and closer.
It's gonna be another of those busy weekends for us, shuttling to the grandparents' place and doing some shopping.
Things to do:
- Buy soft books for Adam
- Toys for Adam
- Picture cards to stick on the wall beside his cot
- Buy new sheets for Adam and us
- Go to Vivo City to check out Fox Baby, GAP and Mothercare and do even more shopping
- Meet our insurance agent to work out an insurance & savings plan for Adam

Very busy indeed!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Adam at Bath time

Hanging on a thread

My happy bubs enjoys his bath time. He is always happy and eager to be in water. In awhile more when he is able to sit up with support, he's gonna have sucha wild time splashing with his California Baby bubble bath and bath toys :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brand New BABY items for sale - Charity Drive

God has been gracious to us, blessing us with a baby and filling our lives with nothing but joy and laughter.
As such, I am taking time off my extremely busy and tiring schedule to sell some stuff (as well as to make space for more of Adam's new stash).
But I'm not selling them for money. Please note that the proceeds of this sale will go to help Charmaine fight cancer.
This will be the 2nd time Baby Adam does his part for charity. His 1st was donating his cord blood stem cells :)
So as any proud parent can say: Please be generous and do your bit for charity too!

Item 1) Benbeni "Welcome to the world" gift set $15.00
Set includes: Swaddling blanket, Body suit, cap, bib, booties.

Item 2) SHEARS Toy cars gift set $20.00
Set includes: Body suit, T-shirt, Diaper cover pants, hat, bib, mittens & booties, 3 washclothes.

Item 3) Montaly Sail boats gift set $20.00
Set includes: Body suit, T-shirt, Pants, cap, bib, mittens & booties, Teddy bear toy, Lollipop rattle toy

Item 4) Little Bear gift set $10.00
Set includes: T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, cap, wash cloth, mittens & booties.

Item 5) Disney Winnie the Pooh gift set $20.00
Set includes: T-shirt, pants, tank top, hat, mittens & booties.

Item 6) Disney Winnie the Pooh gift set $15.00
Set includes: Towel, Pooh bear hat and booties. Wrapped in organza and comes with Satin clothes hanger.

Item 7) Osh Kosh gift set $20.00
Set includes: Osh Kosh animal romper (0-6mths), stripey cap and animal bib.

Item 8) Hamper $10.00
Hamper includes: 3 Animal milk bottles, SHEARS clothes gift set, Drypers M size x 2.

Item 9) The First Years infant booster seat $20.00
Brand new in packaging. Self-inflating booster seat suitable for Babies 3 mths and up.
Great for going to eateries or at your dining table where your baby can sit with the family.

Item 10) The First 3 years last forever VCDs x 3 volumes by Singapore Peadiatric Society $15.00
Brand new still in shrink wrap except for Vol 2 (no shrink wrap but still brand new)
Comes in a white box as shown below.
The topics covered:
Vol 1: Neural plasticity, IQ & EQ, Foetal Programming. Total: 70min.
Vol 2: Foetal stimulation, Responding to babies' crying cues, Solving the mystery of sleep. Total 59min.
Vol 3: Prenatal care, Memory skills, Analytical skills. Total: 60min.

^ Please email to or SMS 97976728 if you wish to purchase the above items and make a donation.

Pickup location: Tampines, Simei, Changi biz park or anywhere in the East

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr Silly

My Mum's cat Mango. Back at my Mum's yesterday.

This is my 牛仔 greeting us in the morning with his chirpy smiles and gurgles and coos.
It is only 7am.. the room is still relatively dark and we're still half asleep. zzzzzZZZ..
In this photo he is swatting his hands everywhere (that blur in the face is actually his hand waving)

He makes an "O" with his mouth whenever he pees.

Wake up folks! Good morning! Beautiful morning!

Mr Silly.

I've taken out my rusty Canon DSLR to practice again.
Hopefully I can take more nice photos of my 牛仔!

Our weekend

Andy booked us a Couple Spa appointment on Saturday.
Not bad, my Hubby is so sweet :)

I did a postnatal treatment which included slimming thermal wrap and postnatal herbal massage. Shiok!

I enjoyed the massage so much that I fell asleep!
I've booked a Diamond and Gold facial for myself the next time I go. Hee!

After that, we adjourned to Manpuku at Tampines One for our lunch.
It's like a Jap version of Marche... but nothing special. Dont think we will go back there again even though the ambience is quite nice.
It was my treat to Andy for being so sweet to me, planning our couple's weekend and stuff :)

As usual our Sundays have been family-centred and very very busy because Sundays are also Andy's mum's "off days" from taking care of Adam and doing housework so Andy & I have to do everything ourselves.
Of course we aint complainin' since we enjoy taking care of Adam so much. Andy is doing a great job of bathing our little soldier and I'm so proud of him :)

We then brought Adam to both his great-grandmothers' places.
My poor baby has begun to recognise faces and places therefore he was crying and crying from all the unfamiliar sights.
I tried everything but could barely pacify him. He was tired but couldnt go to sleep but just kept on crying and it broke my heart to pieces.
I just wanted to hold him and comfort him the whole time and sing nursery rhymes to him.

Speaking of nursery ryhmes, I've mastered all the songs playing on his musical rocker so everytime he is on the rocker, I will fill in the lyrics to the tunes.
*Proud of myself* Hahahah

This is our favourite!

Five little ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away
Mother duck said "Quack Quack Quack Quack"
But only four little ducks came back

... (continue till none of the ducks came back
tee hee)

Guess where the Little Duckies went off to?

Adam's bath tub!

Bath toys from Chicco made of a special kind of fabric which will stay afloat so the toys are actually soft and still floatable :)
I bought them online and dont see them in stores.

He also has Froggies bath toys but they are still hibernating in his cupboard.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's crazy 'round here

I need to declutter and organise Kai Kai's stuff...
The entire house is filled with his toys - musical mobile, rattles, Disney playgyms, rocker, Chicco bath toys...
and his wardrobe is a mess of clothes - Newborn, 0-3mos, 3-6mos, 6-9mos, 9-12mos, 12-18mos....

I have already packed 2 bags of items for my preggy friend Siling - some brand new GAP and Mothercare rompers, NUK teats, AVENT bottles, pregnancy book...
How come the piles of stuff never seem to reduce?

I'm having a headache just opening his drawer chests and staring at those piles and piles of clothes. How to organise? By size? By outings/home wear? By color (white/ baby blue/ navy blue/ grey/ stripes/ patterns)? By tops/bottoms/pants with feet/ pants wo feet/ shorts/ singlets/ rompers??? -__-'

I still have lotsa stuff at my Mum's - his books, block toys, stuffed toys, reading blocks, picture cards, 2 rockers! Thankfully she has allocated one section of her wardrobe for Kai's stuff.
Seriosuly just how many rockers does a baby need? Ans: As many as his grandparents desire haha..
You see, 1 is gift from Grandpa Tan. 1 is gift from Grandma Zhen, 1 is a bouncing chair.

At home, Kai has 3 beds - his classic white cot, a hammock, and our bed.
During the day he sleeps in his hammock. At night he sleeps in his cot until his 4am feed, afterwhich he sleeps in our bed in between Andy & I (for my convenience of breastfeeding)

I cant take a picture of our house and his wardrobe because it may scare you.
Indeed, my son is living like royalty.
Okays, getting my ass off blogging and to pack his stuff now. Ciao~

Meanwhile, some photos to keep you occupied:

Whatcha lookin' at?


Throwing tantrums

Still throwing tantrums: BISH BASH KICK