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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Volkswagen Family Weekend fun

Hi all! We were invited to Volkswagen's family weekend and decided to bring the kids for some fun.
Activities include:
- Tri-cycle rides
- Kids golf
- Food art
- Creativity corner
- Mom's pampering corner
- Tasty snacks

The tri-cycle area where Adam played on the tracks.

Creativity corner

Snacks for all: chicken burger, coleslaw, and grilled potato. So generous!

Ice-cream too!

My glutton baby!

Super baby!

Come join me for some Mommy Pampering!

Enjoying back massage while Andy watched over Ashton and Adam went on the tri-cycle rides. Bliss!

Sorry...The boys don't get it!

My greatest gifts in the form of pure love.

Thank you Volkswagen and The Asian Parent for the invite!

About my little white car:

Shortly after Adam was born, Andy decided to trade in his old car (we used to drive Colt R and WRX, both manual cars... Damn beng can.. zzzzZZzz) for a auto-transmission car for me.
I was working shifts back then and studied in the evenings, and driving around with a baby meant that we had a tall order.

(Story here)

We did some research and decided on the VW GTI because it is a nice, compact yet powerful machine. According to Andy, I'm a super kayu driver so I need front and rear sensors, and the reverse-camera was an added bonus!
I wanted a white car, and it wasn't an available color, hence we placed an order and waited several weeks. Good things come to those who wait!
Presenting.... my white baby:

Photo courtesy of car photographer Joel Tam who did a shoot on my (then) new baby.

I like my car for the Park Assist function which comes equipped with front and rear sensors, and a built-in reversing camera which displays on the touch-screen for added safety. Good for kayu drivers like me!

My car is almost 4 years old now, same age as Adam.
I am so in love with him and can't bear to sell him away (the car, not the kid) because I feel that he is made for me.
That's why we decided to keep him and got another 7-seater for family outings instead (need a 7-seater to fit the kids, car seats and so many humans).
Thank you Hubby for giving me the best and second-best things in life. Love you so much!

Sat night: Mother's Day celebration with in-laws

Celebrated Mother's Day with my in-laws at Fat Fish steamboat, Downtown East.

My little Ashton and my MIL. He's started crawling not long ago and getting increasingly mobile. Please stay a fatty baby a little longer, Ashton!

After dinner, we went to the carnival near the chalet area and Adam went on the train ride. He told me he's a BIG boy now and can go on the ride alone (pictured here with strangers). My brave big boy! Oh, how I miss your babyhood Adam. I love you so much my heart might explode.

We could have our cake and eat it too!

Pink on white icing, on a banana chocolate cake. Delish!

I also received shopping vouchers from Mothercare as a token of appreciation for Playtime. Thank you for the generosity Mothercare :)

Bought: KUMON workbook, Orchard Toys English game cards, Melissa & Doug washable paint, and clothes for both boys.

And finally, Adam received his Lollibox last week and went on to make gifts for the 3 matriarchs in his life - his 2 grandmothers and me!

There were 3 packets of activities so each Mom gets one :)

Thank you Lollibox for the timely delivery.

I had a most fruitful and enjoyable Mother's Day celebration and am going to attend Volkswagen's Mother's Day event later. Hope you Mommies enjoyed your Mother's Day with your family and loved ones.

See you!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yachting weekend: island-hopping to Lazarus.

Hi everyone! We spent our lovely Saturday sailing off from One Degree Fifteen at Sentosa Cove and made our way to nearby Lazarus island where we ended the evening with a sunset BBQ and watching the skyline.
We had to drive both cars in order to fit all the food, fishing gear, humans and barangs.. Major operation.

My terrifying children

Beautiful weather!

I married a fisherman!

Why hello, Lazarus Island!

Who's ready for some food?

Starting the fire for our sunset BBQ.

BBQ crayfish with margarine... Delish!

Fishing by the breath-taking sunset

two mummies.

and then we ended the evening cruising to watch the skyline and some fireworks.

Life is grand.

The kids had a terrific time monkeying around and getting all dirty/ sticky/ smelly/ sweaty.
We adults had a marvellous time with the food, booze and chatter.

Paul got drunk (as usual) and called my MIL "Darling"... the last time he got drunk around my in-laws, he hugged my FIL!
from Fab Quote.

Life is like a rainbow if you dare to dream, but don't be disheartened if you come across obstacles and set-backs, for there cannot be rainbows in life without a little rain.

We had the most splendid weekend, what about you?
If you're exhausting your ideas of where to bring the kids on a boring weekend, consider chartering a yacht! Prices range from $550-$1200 depending on boat size and hours.
Contact person: Alex from Summit Marine for boat charter enquiries. 93822270
And yes, dreams do come true, just go to sleep!
Both kids are knocked out by the time we got home, and I'm beat. Good night and sweet dreams! :)