Sunday, December 27, 2015

{product launch} Eco Store introduces environmentally-friendly products in Singapore.

'm a huge advocate for green living. In our household, our trash is categorized into recyclables and reusables.
Every time a new helper joins us, I brief them about the importance of not wasting - do not waste resources, as you will end up wasting money and the environment.

Therefore, I was really excited when I received the invitation to Eco Store launch media event a few weeks ago.

The venue was held at The Arts House, which was the old parliament house.

With its white walls and interior, The Arts House still held its pristine charm of the ex-Parliament house.
It was raining that evening, and they had closed the carpark to The Arts House, so luckily Hubby managed to find parking at the current Parliament House and we walked a short distance.
valentino rock studs hermes toolbox soufre ootd mumzilla veron
Since most guests were late due to the rain, I went around taking photos of the building and surroundings :D

Mandatory outfit of the day shot:
Dress: Blush Inc.

Shoes: Valentino rock stud flats.
Bag: Hermes Toolbox 26 in Soufre.

Goodie bags awaiting the media friends under the Christmas tree :)

We were treated to a buffet spread before the event started.

Only good stuff inside! That's EcoStore's promise to consumers, and to our Mother Earth.

Chocolate-stained tee belonging to Ashton. I decided to give EcoStore's laundry soaker and stain remover a try.

ecostore eco store singapore mumzilla environmental friendly detergent
Stains washed off with ease.

I am constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly products.
When I am shopping for groceries and household products, I look out for the green labels and recycled stuff.

Bleach is a harmful chemical that is commonly sold off the shelves to be used by consumers as household cleaners and clothes-stain removers.
It is corrosive in nature and may cause allergy to eyes and skin, especially pets and young children.
If inhaled, it can irritate the respiratory tract as well.
Imagine inhaling these particles when you and you children are wearing clothes which have been treated with bleach.

Try something better today - use natural cleaners like EcoStore's detergents instead.
EcoStore's detergents are developed lovingly by people who care for you and the environment, made with plant and mineral based ingredients.
Ecostore’s customer promise is to provide people with healthier alternatives for cleaning and nourishing themselves, their families, homes and their environment, without having to compromise on performance.

It is time that you too, can make a difference to Mother Earth by being more conscious in your shopping habits and decisions.

EcoStore products can be purchased on their website.
Check out EcoStore now for their full range of products!

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase your Eco Store detergents from Cold Storage and selected NTUC stores.

Ecostore Sg Facebook page: /ecostoresingapore
Ecostore Sg website:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A meaningful Christmas - volunteering with Lions Befrienders.

As I grow older, my Christmas wishlist gets shorter because the things I want cannot be bought - like friendship, kinship, and true happiness.

Today was a meaningful day where I spent the afternoon with some friends and children distributing food ration to the elderly living alone.
Some are blind, some are wheelchair-bound, some can only speak dialect, most are alone and live in suboptimal conditions.

As it was our first time doing charity work with my children, I was so apprehensive of their reactions.
But my worries were unfounded because as it turned out, all the kids present today were helpful and enthusiastic and did not mind the squalid living conditions they were faced with.
They fought over who to carry what, and raced to be first to knock on the doors.

About Lions Befrienders:
Lions Befrienders is a voluntary welfare organization founded in 1995 by the Lions Club of Singapore and a Lions District Project.
LB's mission is to provide friendship and care to the lonely poor elderly.

lions befrienders singapore mom bloggers Mumzilla veron zhen bumblebeemum
At Qian Wen's (Raising our successful children) place during our Christmas dinner last weekend, packing the ration for 60 families! All in a small bedroom, and we managed to do it efficiently too :D
Thanks Qian Wen for coordinating everything with such fluidity!

lions befrienders singapore mom bloggers mumzilla veron zhen bumblebeemum
On the actual distribution day: 7 families with our respective children contributed to make it happen.
Meet-up point was at Redhill Close, near to the Redhill market and Redhill MRT Station.

Normally ask them help me carry groceries also grumble but today they were all so enthusiastic.
What a surprise for me!

lions befrienders singapore mom bloggers veron zhen mumzilla
Mission accomplished! It was a roaring success!
Thank you Juline from Lions Befrienders for helping us out and making the process a smooth and hiccup-free one for first-timer us.

My objective was to expose my children to people who were less fortunate than them, and make them realize comfort and fortune are not everyone's birth rights.
Only humanity and kindness are.
Today, my objective was not only met but surpassed by the actions and effort of all our children.

Well done, kids! I am proud of each and every one of you.
Indeed, not all gifts are found under the Christmas tree, and today I learned a new lesson - while we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

If you would like to join Lions Befrienders as a volunteer, please go to their website.

Wish you all a Merry, MERRY Christmas and Happy New Year.
May 2016 bring you joy, peace, health and happiness.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2015.

December is usually a month of travel for us, being Andy's birthday month, school holidays and all.
When we are actually in town, it is filled with a frenzy of gift-shopping and party-going.
This year, I managed to squeeze in some free time to bring the boys to Gardens by the Bay for the second year running of Christmas Wonderland as we missed it last year.
To be honest, the carnival and light-up totally surpassed my expectations as we were treated to a feast for the senses.
My little elves decked in green, ready to soak in the festive cheer :)

This upside-down mirror trick-eye thing was quite a hit with the big kids.

Prices of rides and games.

The carnival games have really attractive prizes!
2-5 tokens ($4 - $10) each round.

christmas wonderland 2015 fairground gardens by the bay mumzilla
Adam is very pro at funfair games. He actually won 1 red Baymax plushie first, but Ashton started crying because he couldn't win, and korkor Adam helped Ashton win one too.
Proud of my big boy!

We didn't have such luck at the other games because they were tough >_<

christmas wonderland 2015 gardens by the bay, mumzilla blog carousel
$6 per ride (3 tokens), but accompanying parent for small children go on for free.

helter skelter christmas wonderland gardens by the bay
My boys recognized the Helter Skelter because it is in one of their Peppa Pig books. Ahhh the power of reading.
Standing at 14m in height, the Helter Skelter wins The Slide at T3 Changi Airport!
However, there is a height limit for this, so be sure to measure up!

$8 (4 tokens) per ride.

Ice-cream and cold drinks beckon.

$6 per train ride (3 tokens).

Candy floss, $2 per stick. My Double As were happy to end their evening with some sweet treats before their Daddy came to fetch us home for dinner.
Thanks to Gardens by the Bay and Blue Sky Events, there is not a need to travel into the blistering cold countries just to enjoy the yuletide season.
With its European style festive market and carnivals, and Italian Luminarie light sculptures, there is something for people of all ages.
Looks like we will be back next year!

About Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland:
27 Nov 2015 - 03 Jan 2016
Time: 4pm - 11pm.

Snow blizzard timings:
Mon - Thur and Sundays: 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm.
Fri & Sat: 8pm, 9pm, 9:45pm.

Admission is FREE but do check out the various prices for rides and games.

Club Med Phuket December 2015 - Day 2.

{Phuket Day 2}
With the kids enjoying themselves at the Mini Club, Hubby & I went ahead and booked a full day excursion to island-hop around Phi Phi.
Thetrip is from 0730am (bus pick-up) - 6pm (reach resort), which meant that we had to hire a babysitter from 0730am - 0830am before the Mini Club opens, and subsequently from 4:30PM - 6PM till we got back.
Beware of people touting prices for Phi Phi island excursions as they mark up about double of the intended prices.
If possible, book your excursion directly from the tour agencies (those small pop-up agencies or counters) around your resort and you can bargain to 1400 baht per pax, instead of 3000 baht per pax.
The full-day excursion includes 2 snorkeling sessions, with lunch and drinks provided.
The day started off beautifully with bright sun and calm seas.

snorkeling phi phi island hopping mumzilla singapore travelogue travel blog

snorkeling phi phi island travelogue travel blog mumzilla

On this trip, we saw lots of sea urchins. They were littered everywhere on the sea bed!

Hubby enjoying ice-cream in the warm sun after the snorkel :)
When we got back to our resort, the kids were waiting in our room with their babysitter.
They were both bathed and changed and eating on the bed, and according to them, they both had fun at the Mini Club. Nothing is more relieving that your children telling you they had fun while you were away!
If you liked this post, be sure to check out Day 1 and Day 3  of our trip!