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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Made HK style Double Skin Milk :)

Made my highly-missed Hong Kong Australian Dairy Company's double skin milk today.
It's surprisingly easy peasy child's play!

To make for a family of 4, I used:
- 800ml full cream milk (200ml each bowl's capacity)
- 4 egg whites
- 4 teaspoons sugar

Boil the milk over low heat and stir occasionally. Turn off fire when bubbles start forming at the sides of the pot.

Next, whisk the egg whites and sugar until it forms a bubbling foamy texture.

Sift this egg white mixture into the pot of warm milk.

Pour into bowls and remove any air bubbles on top.

Cover with aluminium foil and steam for 15 minutes, turn off fire and leave it for another 5 minutes.
Remove and serve.

Silkie eggs vs Normal egg

Who else misses Hong Kong Cha can teng food like me?!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

How to make Kuih Talam.

My hubby is a Peranakan, so it is little wonder that he loves to eat and cook.
During this Covid-19 lockdown period I have decided to learn how to make some Nonya dishes :)

Here's a simple, no-bake recipe on how to make Kuih Talam.


- Pandan leaves 6-7 pieces
- Coconut milk 330ml
- Tapioca flour 50gm
- Rice flour 25gm
- Green bean flour 25gm (Not the same as green bean powder. Can be bought from Phoon Huat)
- Sugar 120gm
- Pandan essence 1 teaspoon.


- Tapioca flour 15gm
- Rice flour 15gm
- Green bean flour 15gm
- Sugar 1 tablespoon
- Salt 1 pinch
- Coconut milk 270ml
- Pandan leaves 5-6 pieces tied in a knot


- Use a brush to oil your desired baking pan in which the Kuih Talam will take its final shape.
- Use a blender to blend pandan leaves and coconut milk.
- Pour the mixture through a sieve into a big mixing bowl
- Pour in all the flours and combine well until smooth and no lumps.
- Stir in a pan over super low heat for 2 minutes then pour into oiled baking pan
- Steam at high heat for 15 minutes.


- When the green layer is steaming for 10 minutes, you can start combining and cooking all the white layer ingredients over extremely low heat, give a few stirs for 2 minutes then throw the pandan leaves away.

- By now the green layer would have been steamed for 15 minutes, lift the steamer cover and pour white layer over it.

- Cover back the steamer and steam BOTH LAYERS together for another 15 minutes.

Friday, May 1, 2020

[garden to table] EASY Quail egg tart recipe.

Hi all! Hope you guys are holding up well during this Covid period.

Too many productive quails but don't know what to do with their eggs?
You guys can try this simple recipe at home with your kids :)

Pastry Ingredients:
- Plain flour 145gm
- Chicken egg x 1 (you need 1 egg yolk and half portion egg white)
- Butter 75gm
- Icing sugar 1 teaspoon

Custard Filling  Ingredients:
- Sugar 70gm
- Warm water 130ml (to combine with sugar and stir well)
- Quail eggs x 9
- Fresh milk 125ml
- Vanilla essence x 1 teaspoon

Pastry method: 
- Mix 1 teaspoon Icing sugar into 75gm Butter, add 1 egg yolk + half portion Egg white and mix well using hand-whisk.
- Pour in 145gm plain flour and knead using fingers until pastry is formed.
- Wrap in ziplock bag or clingwrap and put in fridge for 15min while you prepare Custard fillings.

Custard method:
- Using handheld whisk, mix well the 9 quail eggs with the cup of Sugar warm water (70gm sugar stir well with 130ml Warm water)
- Add in Fresh milk 125ml and whisk evenly.
- Add Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon.
- Pour this mixture through a sieve to prevent any lumps in the eggs mixture.

Preheat oven 190deg for 10 Min while you work on the dough.
Mould the dough into your casings and use a fork to poke holes on the bottom of pastry.

Pour the custard fillings into your pastry moulds.

Bake in oven 190deg celcius for 25 minutes.
Then leave the egg tarts inside for another 10 minutes before removing.

Before Covid-19, I used to think that I didn't need to bother learning cooking or baking as in Singapore, whatever you want to buy or eat is readily available and easily store-bought.
Now it's a real wake-up call for us to start thinking about going back to basics (kampong days if you may) and start investing in self-grown/ self-raised/ self-taught/ self-made, and being more self-sufficient.

It is extremely rewarding to have food harvested from garden to table.
We spend a lot on quality feed for our pets and thus we know what goes into the food we eat from the garden.

Hope you guys enjoy making this delicious tea-time snack at home!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

My precious baby turned SIX!

Ashton turned SIX yesterday, holy macaroni! 
Where did all the time go?!

We have a family tradition - we go to Swenson's for Fire House on our birthdays so yesterday we went (24/08/18) and today we threw him a home party instead.
A small-scale, intimate party with family and his closest friends.

Ashton requested for a Minion's theme so everyone in the family was colour-coordinated.
Everyone except the husband, that was, because he refused to dress up like Mr Gru (full black with a stripy neck scarf). 
Children, I hope that you guys will choose easier themes for your Mom to coordinate next year.

Anyway, here are some photos from the party!

This Minion piƱata was literally a hit with the kids!

But first, water time!!!

The troopers marching to the pool with determination written all over their faces.

Ashton and his friends in the Kids pool.

These boys are a riot!

Living the thug life like a boss! 

With his closest friends in school (other than the boys in the last row: Adam, Alden and Rayden).
The Moriah kids are all going to different primary schools next year so we mummies have already planned another playdate before they graduate and go separate ways!

It's been a crazy pre-weekend running the birthday errands and doing last minute purchases.

Even though I didn't manage to get proper photos with everyone especially the adults, I want you all to know that I appreciate every single one of you!

Daddy & Mummy love you so much, you are inarguably the best thing that happened in our lives, a godsend.

Our only wish for you is for you to grow up to be a happy and healthy boy.
Your old man and old woman agree that we will support you in whatever you wish to pursue, but of course we also secretly wish you'd be a CEO or millionaire.
We love you and are counting on you!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Better Florist: flower-sending made easy and affordable.

I received flowers today!
It's been quite awhile since I did.
But not from my husband obviously. Cos when I told him I received flowers, he asked if they are from my admirer #rollmyeyes.

Nonetheless, it is such a lovely bouquet :)

Buddy is thinking "Which is nicer Mummy? My crest or these petals?"

Thank you A Better Florist for this special delivery. They really brighten up my home and my mood!

There are, without a doubt, many floral shops in Singapore. But why should you choose A Better Florist? 

If you haven't heard of A Better Florist, here's a bit of information about them:

A Better Florist in Singapore believes that there's a story behind every bouquet they send out, whether it's for a birthday, an anniverary, a wedding, or even just something for yourself.
A Better Florist offer express delivery and makes the whole affair of sending and receiving flowers easy, affordable, and fuss-free.

Their flowers are sourced directly from flower farms in Cameron Highlands and as a result, only the freshest flora are used while keeping prices affordable.

Their intuitive website means that in just a few clicks, you can send an arrangement of flowers to anyone, anywhere in Singapore on the same day.
Free same-day delivery service is available between 9am - 6pm.

As if Singapore isn't enough, A Better Florist recently expanded into Hong Kong's and Dubai's markets as well!

For the green-fingered, besides ordering flowers, did you know that you can also sign up for floral arrangement courses at A Better Florist

Do check out A Better Florist for your dose of fresh flowers today.

P.S. With flower-sending so easy, there's no excuse for the husband now :P
Thank you A Better Florist for sending me this beautiful bouquet called The Josephine. 
I really adore the fragrance of fresh flowers that greet me every morning in my balcony.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Home gardening: growing your own vegetables.

 When I am not surfing the internet reading fashion blogs and fellow mummy-blogs, I am occupying my time with another hobby - gardening.
With our huge balcony, I realized I could actually do a lot of gardening in it.
I think I picked up my green fingers from my Dad and Aunt (his younger sister who lives with my family). I have recollections of my childhood watching my Dad grow African violets and other plants, but my Mum would complain that they were "messy" and threw them away ;(
Luckily for me, Andy shares the same sentiments about gardening as I do.
Thank God for a man who loves nature and animals as much as I do.
My interest is in planting edible food.
Upcycling an unwanted Styrofoam box into a planter.
I drilled holes at the bottom, laid some gauze and wood chips to prevent soil from falling out.
After a week of growing capsicum seeds, the stronger seedlings are ready to be transferred to the Styrofoam planter.
Egg cartons are the best, BEST seed starters.
Capsicum seedlings home upgrade.

Earthworms are your plants' best friends.
When earthworms are in your soil, it can only mean you are doing it right - pure, fertile soil free of chemicals.
When I was little, I used to keep earthworms in mason jars as pets!
I would scoop them off the sidewalk on rainy days. #imweirdlikethat
Besides Styrofoam boxes, you can upcycle wooden pallets (far left) and wine crates too!

Our Okra, or better known as Ladies fingers.

4 ladies fingers make one serving.

Stir-fried sambal belachan Okra with minced chicken and anchovies.
My helper said it was sedap :)