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Friday, May 3, 2013

[Sponsored review] it's Playtime at Mothercare!

Have you been to Playtime at Mothercare yet?
Playtime is a new program which only started in October last year at West Coast Plaza Mothercare.
The first Playtime at Kallang Leisure Park started in Feb this year to allow mothers another choice of location.
"At Playtime, we stimulate young minds through play and let them develop all the important skills they need for life. But above all, play is about having fun. Enrol for Playtime with Mothercare today!"

It is jointly organised by Mothercare and Art Bug, and happens every Friday afternoon for 3-5 year olds*.

To be honest, we've never been to Playtime at Mothercare because I'm usually at work on Friday noons. So you can imagine I was overjoyed to attend this event!
This month's theme is, as you can guess, Mother's Day!

Reaching Mothercare at Kallang Leisure Park.

Proud of his name sticker.

Packed with toys!

Teacher Rachel from Art Bug is going to start lesson proper!

Tools of the trade

Everyone gather around the mat

Rachel is very animated and the children love her!

Hard at work

After the event, I chatted with Rachel to find out more about Art Bug and Mothercare Playtime and find her to be very humorous and passionate about her job.

We both think nursing bras make a terrific back-drop. 

Then I did a bit of shopping around since participants can enjoy 15% discount off all toys and there was a sale going on for certain items.

Be it clothes for newborns to older kids, socks, accessories, strollers, you name it - Mothercare is a one-stop place for all your parenting needs.

My favourite brand Skip Hop! We have their puzzle foam mat, insulated lunch bag and play gym!
Why is everything sooooo cute and delectable????

Does it come in size 360 mos?


Adam's Mother's Day card to me, which I had to help with the cut-outs.. Pfft.

Thank you Mothercare for hosting us today, it was great pleasure and Adam enjoyed himself immensely. The staff at Kallang Leisure Park are so friendly and nice!
Hui Min from the Marketing department has been very friendly and accommodating with regards to my preferred schedule.
Thanks Hui Min! Would love to do future Mothercare event reviews.
The experience has been nothing short of splended :)

Like Mothercare on their Facebook page to receive first-hand updates on the next Playtime slot and upcoming offers.
The next session is on 10 May 2013 at West Coast, 17 May at Kallang, and 31 May at West Coast again (refer to schedule in the banner above).

*Limited to 10 children per session only, and the same child can attend only 1 Playtime session per month. Valid for Mothercare members (ordinary and VIP). Charges: FOC. Participants are entitled to 15% discount off all toys at Mothercare on the day of attendance.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More art & craft with Adam

Did some more art & craft with Adam this week due to the Labour Day PH and my being on leave.
Here he is applying glue to a paper roll to make a sheep.
Materials needed: paper roll, cotton wool, glue, googly eyes, crayon.

This is the end-result :P

Today, Andy brought Adam out so I can gather some rest at home.
He Whatsapped me this photo which made me more than just a little bit nervous.
Adam is not in his carseat! That's because 2 day's ago, he had too much to eat for lunch and threw up his food all over himself and we had to bring the carseat upstairs for washing.

I was secretly nervous about the 2 boys going out alone without me, without Adam in his carseat. But a while later I received a call from Andy to say he managed to get his grocery shopping done and now they are going Longkang fishing at Pasir Ris farmway and reassured me I should get my rest. Pheew!

My boys never fail to amaze me!

Monday, April 23, 2012


The week that just passed was horrendous. Adam contracted HMFD and was home-bound for the entire week.
He missed school and was cranky due to being confined at home all day, everyday.
One morning, Andy called his mum's place and Adam answered "Good morning, Teacher Loh".. LOLsssss.. Poor kid.
Poor us.

As a result of his illness, I hardly had enough rest and missed work for 3 days.
I did the graveyard shift and made him milk feeds several times a night because he couldn't eat much due to pain from his mouth ulcers.
During the day, if I was lucky, I got to nap 1-2 hours.
On top of caring for Adam, I was worried about getting the disease myself especially since I'm pregnant.
I nearly died.

At home, to keep him occupied, I read books and doodled with him.
We also did some craft work using cardboard, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

Can you guess what this is???
It's actually Adam's Incy Wincy SPIDER! (unintentionally disguised as an alien).
I helped him to trace the circle shape, and draw the spider's mouth. I asked him to draw the mouth but he said he doesn't know how (read: lazy). But he was very keen on using glue to stick on the eyes and legs.
He insisted that his spider has 4 legs and if you notice, its legs are actually 3D instead of equal number on each side. He decided where the legs were supposed to be and asked me to help staple them in place.
To be honest, I'm not at all worried about his imagination. Alarms will be ringing only if he could sing the entire ABCDEFG~Z song not knowing what anything meant. So for now, Adam is free to be creative and if a car has only 2 wheels or his spider has only 4 legs, so be it.

Anyway, it's kinda ironic but I'm gonna say - Thank God it's Monday!
The terrible week is finally behind us and Adam is fit to go back to school tomorrow!
As for Mummy Me, I need a pedicure, a spa and some pizza~!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adam on Sunday

I pulled myself together this Sunday morning and actually made French toast for Adam's brekkie.
What seemed effortless in the past now seems to be a huge challenge. Even cooking a simple dish. Luckily, he didn't mind that it wasn't my best effort and finished everything together with his Vitagen.

Adam was busy on his Playdoh set while I was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
Notice the Thomas ride-on in the background? It's his mode of transport around our home these days.
By the way, I salvaged lots of those white sterile paper from OT. They're really handy for doodling / protecting furniture.

I asked what he was making, and he replied he's making "Kai kai".

This is Adam's final product of himself, missing a pair of legs and arms.

My son is growing up so fast. Too fast. His motor skills are amazing me at alarming rates.
In 3 mths' time, he will be 3. I'm not sure I'm prepared for that!!
Please be Mummy's baby forever.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Kai came home from school not feeling tired, so instead of napping, he asked me to take out his paint materials, and I obliged.

Our beloved Border collie is supervising his baby brother :D

Saturday, March 12, 2011

End of School term

It's the end of Term 1, and Kai's teachers gave me a compilation of the art & craft he did in class.

A surge of happiness overwhelmed me and I feel so proud of my boy for being all grown up.
It's been a whole term of him sitting through 4 hours of school without me around and he actually even enjoys school. It's not easy for a child less than 2 and thank goodness we don't have to deal with clingy issues and seperation anxiety.

Great job Kai!

Mischief-maker 1 with his trademark MM2.

Thank you, God, for bestowing on me a wonderful and doting husband, and for giving us a happy and beautiful child. We hope that Adam will grow up to be a beautiful person, both inside and out.

I ♥ my boys.

Friday, January 14, 2011

my Little Picasso

my little Picasso is at my Mum's, terrorising his Kao-fu into painting with him :P
He does the painting, my brother does the cleaning up HEHEHE

Oh yes, he is left-handed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


First, Kai needs to draw a "Bibbit".

But he got carried away with coloring and had to start over :P

add on some adhesive...

Pasting on the "fur"

My pro artist :D

Adam's rabbit (otherwise known as "Bibbit" to him)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Darling's First Day at School

Today our darling son is finally well enough to go to school!

Woke up early morning, his hair still standing up and he's eating his muffin for breakfast.

"Mommy we're going to be late can you stop asking me to pose??....."

Off to school! Hand-in-hand with Daddy :)

Adam's personalised Tux name tag :D

Today's theme was Birthday Party, so they sang a Birthday Song, learnt what is a cake, candles, and party, and he colored a Birthday cake. With his name written on it. I feel so proud!

Thankfully, the class is bilingual and the teacher : student ratio is 2:5.
I must say at this moment, Andy & I are very happy about the curriculum and the conduct of the school/teachers. Learning Mandarin is a bonus because as we all know, it's a difficult language and the earlier we start, the better.
According to Psychologist Jean Piaget, the cognitive development of children at the pre-schooler age (2-7yrs) are mostly focused on language development, role-modeling, play-pretend.
Therefore, parents with kids this age group should not be overly anxious if their Playschools don't seem to be "teaching them enough through books and hardcore classroom learning".

In due time, Adam will be going to either St James Kindy or Marymount Kindy.
But right now, this will be our plan - to put Adam in a drop-off program with our shortlisting criteria as follows:
- Must be near our home (for safety reasons, no need to cross any major roads, and easy for Andy's mum to drop-off & pick-up)
- MCYS approved centre with qualified & committed teaching staff (This centre has staff working for years, ie. low turnover rate, which is important because children get attached to caregivers easily and build trust and learn from role-modeling at this age.)
- Cleanliness and hygiene standards
- Not too much rigid sit-down classroom setting
We're currently sticking to this plan until our new home is settled, and until we have our logistics arrangements sorted out.

And nope, there were no tears from my big boy. Not sure about next week though!