Birthday Planner: Look who's Two? Cookie Monster theme

Planning Adam's 1st Birthday was loads of fun, not to mention extremely rewarding, and this time, as our precious son is turning the Terrific Two, I find myself getting psyched up all over again :)

Before I nosedive into everything, it is worth the consideration that his 2nd birthday, and subsequent birthdays, will not be as grand as his first. ie. Not so formal; more relaxed. It shall also be scaled down, limited to our close friends and relatives only. It does sound overwhelming, but I dont think our parents will be inviting their colleagues and distant relatives like they did for his 1st!

This is also the perfect excuse to organise a family get-together lest everyone forgets to slow down and smell the roses.

Last year, we had a Mickey Mouse theme at Mint Museum of Toys, where we booked the entire museum for our private use. This year, Andy n I wondered what theme to choose for Adam's 2nd bash. Since we already did Disney, how about we go for Sesame Street? I asked Andy, "Elmo or Cookie Monster?", and his reply was "hmm.. Elmo abit gay". Therefore, Cookie Monster it is :D

Because we want a laid back party this time, think beach-front chalets and family BBQs. We're likely hold it at our new home because coincidentally our new pad will be ready around the time of his Birthday.

Draw neat circles on blue, black and white fancy papers with a compass. Cut the face with wavy craft scissors. The mouth opens to let you fill in your invite details. The diameter of the face fits nicely into a square envelope (the kind you send out with wedding invitations).
Cookie invite details (print & paste inside the Mouth)


For the kids!!!Cookie monster coloring pages for kids from .

17 is for Adam's Birthdate!


Sesame Street stationary sets

Cookie Monster bubbles for the kids:

Sesame Street magnets

Thank You
photo magnet: Photographs printed in 2R size, laminated and DIY mounted on magnet sheets.

Wrapped in gift packs with Blueberry marshmallows and tied in blue twisties.


Daddy, Mummy, and Baby Cookie Monsters :)
Kudos to Andy, he saw them while we were having family dinner at the airport and luckily they came in all our sizes! :D


Our precious baby boy grew and grew and finally on 17 May 2011 (Vesak Day), he turned TWO.

We celebrated the party with our closest friends and relatives in the comfort of our new home.
Being parents allow us to relive our childhood dreams, and do all the fun things all over again. It's like a 2nd childhood, and we're lovin' it!

His class party photos are found here.


  1. Hi, I was looking through your blog and loved the ideas for Adam's 2nd birthday of Cookie Monster. I love the stationary sets and the magnets and will love to know where you purchased them at so I can have them for my nephew's first birthday it will be of Sesame Street. Thanks. If you can e-mail me to thanks bunches

  2. Hi there, i am interested to get the sesame street stationary and magnet. Can I know where I can purchase them? thank you. You can contact me at Thank you

  3. Hiii too been searching for sesame street stationary set for my gal bdy party. Can I know where to purchase? If you can email me to Tqs in advance

  4. hi dear... me too lah!! so into your sesame street stationary set n magnets.. may i know where u purchase it? can u email me at thank u!!

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    Am preparing a Sesame Street party for my daughter and interested in the stationery/magnet that you have. Please email me at on where I can purchase it. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I love the magnets featured here! Could you email me at on where to buy them. Am planning my son's 2nd birthday. Thanks!!!

  7. Hi Mummies, all emails replied :)


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    I loves the stationery and magnets. May I know where to purchase them? Tks alot..

  9. Hi Veron,
    May I know where did you purchase the sesame street stationery set? Could you advise me? Thank you.

  10. Hi Mummies,
    So sorry the shop which I got those Sesame Street supplies from has closed down :(

    Hope you manage to find other Sesame St stuff for your gift favours



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