Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{Haze go where} Free indoor activites: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Since we live in the East, one of our favourite places to bring to children to has to be Changi Airport.
Recently, I am trying to find some free indoor places to bring the children to in this hazy weather and Changi Airport is a no-brainer location, winning hands-down for us.
Kids get to run around freely, watch planes landing and take off, and there are also many activities they can do which doesn't cost a single cent.
Like sketching and stenciling:

Or going on the infamous Slide @ T3.

There's also a free playground next to The Slide with benches and eateries beside.

Adam's and Ashton's favourite shop has to be Soda Pop which selles Tomica cars and race tracks.
They enjoy bringing their cars for free play with other children on this racing track table.

As long as you bring your own cars you can play for free, otherwise you can purchase any TOMICA car at the shop.

We love Changi Airport!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kids playdate: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2015!

Hubby and I love entertaining guests in our humble home, and we are no strangers to hosting dinners to our family members and friends.
However, when it comes to hosting a dinner for children, this would be our first!
 Hello Kitty mooncakes for the girls
hello kitty mooncakes breadtalk mumzilla
Washing it all down with Chinese tea
chinese tea set

Some simple finger food which Hubby and I whipped up for the kids.

sg kids, sg50, mid-autumn festival
And it all started with Yakult. Cheers!

mooncake festival singapore chinese tea

Three beautiful Mummies :P

Legend of Mid-Autumn Festival
The story of Chang E is the most widely accepted tale regarding the moon and the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is said that in ancient times, ten suns existed and the extreme heat made people's lives very difficult. It was the hero Hou Yi, who, owing to his great strength, shot down nine of the ten suns. On hearing of this amazing feat and the hero who performed it, people came from far and wide to learn from him. Peng Meng was among these people. Later, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind-hearted woman named Chang E and lived a happy life.

One day, Hou Yi came upon Wangmu (the queen of heaven) on the way to meet his old friend. Wangmu presented him an elixir which, if took, would cause him to ascend immediately to heaven and become a god/goddess. Instead of drinking the potion himself, Hou Yi took it home and presented it to Chang E to keep. Unfortunately, Peng Meng secretly saw Hou Yi give the potion to his wife and three days later, while Hou Yi was out hunting, Peng Meng rushed into the backyard and demanded that Chang E hand over the elixir. Knowing that she could not win, she took out the elixir and swallowed it immediately. The moment she drank it, she flew out of the window and up into the sky. Chang E's great love for her husband drew her towards the Moon, which is the nearest place to the earth on the heaven.

On realizing what happened to his wife, Hou Yi was so grieved that he shouted Chang E’s name to the sky. He was amazed to see a figure which looked just like his wife appeared in the Moon. He took the food liked by Chang E to an altar and offered it as a sacrifice for her. After hearing that Chang E became a goddess, folk people also offered sacrifices to Chang E to pray for peace and good luck. Since then, the custom of sacrificing to the moon has been spread among the folklore.
These days, I'm just thankful that my bunch of Mummy friends are those who are unpretentious, women who empower each other, not the type who like to put each other down by competing whose child is better behaved, smarter, has more accomplishments, etc etc.
Instead, we like to complain - it's our Mummy-coping mechanism.
So we complain about our children are so unfocused in school, like to have melt-downs in public, whiney, sulky, terrible kids...
Such horrible mothers we are!
 Hope your kids had fun this Mid-autumn festival!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Haze go where] Free indoor activities: Singapore Discovery Centre.

Being Hari Raya Haji today, we were ambitious and had initially wanted to go to East Coast beach for a picnic.
However, our plan was quickly shelved due to our Lion City being shrouded in thick smog.
Time to execute our haze contingent plan - FREE indoor activities.
Where in Singapore you ask?
Well, we went to Singapore Discovery Centre at 510 Upper Jurong Rd, 638365.
Tel: 6792 6188
Admission FREE for all Singaporeans and PRs.
Singapore Discovery Centre Singapore

Singapore Discovery Centre SG50

Love this SG50 quilt. I had wanted to make one using fabric squares cut out from Adam and Ashton's baby clothes, and even bought a Brother sewing machine, but never got down to doing it :P

Wah this one classic. I remember seeing this type of furniture in my Grandparents' homes when I was little.
I still remember the TV was in the form of a hugeass cabinet, with sliding doors.

Singapore Discovery Centre
Bet you didn't know that there are actually 10 religions in Singapore, did you?

Adam and Ashton at Singapore Discovery Centre, free indoor activities for children

Singapore Discovery Centre SG50 children free indoor activities

Not bad, got free defence games to play.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew SG50 Singapore Discovery Centre SDC
I cannot thank you enough, Mr Lee Kuan Yew!

Visitors to Singapore Discovery Centre can go to the main exhibition centre where you can watch movies, take the 3D rides, or simply walk around the museum.
Or you can also go to the Army Museum and take a bus-guided tour around the vicinity which includes the dormitories for Army, Navy, and Airforce officer cadets.
The tour also covers the Officer Cadet School with some information about their training and history.

The boys were fascinated by the displays of the army tanks and aircraft.
 More about the activities and exhibits at Singapore Discovery Centre HERE.
With the average 3-hourly PSI of 263, and the current PSI at 317 accurate as at 10.00pm Singapore time, it has reached hazardous levels and schools in Singapore have declared closure by MOE.
Everyone do stay safe indoors and mask up, oil up, diffuse up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Playdate at Cool De Sac.

This post has been sitting in my draft for two weeks now and I'm finally done uploading the photos from Adam's (not so) recent playdate.
A couple of fellow mummies met up during the September school holidays for kids to unleash their closet monsters at Cool De Sac!
Perfect afternoon spent indoors to beat the haze.
Indoor playground, maze, confined children, indoor cafe where Mummies lepak one corner and kids run amock, face and body painting.... Yeah you get the idea?
LOCATION of Cool De Sac:
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall
#02-379/80, Singapore 038983.

*It is situated at Tower 5, near Suntec Convention, so don't make the same mistake as I did and go to Tower 3!


This Tween area has Wii games for the older kids who find jumping around with preschoolers and toddlers too boring.
Growing up is tough, I know.

I like the spacious stoller "parking lot" and nursing room but I wish the nursing room would be more private as there are Daddies roaming around the indoor playgroun as well.

Our boys really can kee siao together lor. Serene's Xavier under the "log", Qian Wen's Emmanuel behind Adam, and Adam about to lunge off.

Only all the girls queue up patiently to get themselves painted.

Qian Wen's Faith getting her face painted. That's the icing on top of your cake for having a girl lor.. My sons don't want anybody to touch their faces one..... >_<

Mandatory kiddos and Mummies group shot at Cool De Sac!

Overall a nice and huge playground for the children to expand their energies, with a cozy cafe corner to order munchies..

Our only grouse was that the prices were all stated before GST. For eg. what we thought was a small cup of juice for $3.50 turned out to be $4.10 after GST.. the size of the cup is the IKEA colourful small cups for children...
Other than that, we will go back again as it is in central location and indoors.

Monday - Friday
Children under 6 months: FREE
Children under 3 years old: $10.70
Children from 3-12 years old: $21.40
Unlimited play time per admission.
2 adults can accompany each child.
Socks are to be worn at all times.