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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday - Part III

Date: 5 June 2010 Saturday
Venue: Mint Museum of Toys
Time: 6pm - 8pm

It's Kai's official party!
More PHOTOS HERE: official party photos by ALP

The banner being hung at the grand entrance

Kai's birthday cake - Mickey & disney themed

The gift favours for the guests - handmade by yours truly!

The presents he was showered with. And lots of angpaos too. Thank you thank you everyone!

These are just some preview pics.
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who turned up and shared our joy with us on our precious son's 1st birthday party - the official one!
Our apologies if we have not been a good host but do know that your presence is much appreciated.

We even had a slideshow just before song-singing! A compilation of our precious son's development from conception to his 1 year.

Thanks to our photographer, and Joy for making the slideshow, everyone said it was like a wedding dinner!
We had a fantabulous time and Kai was so happy to receive so many presents! A tricycle, a drum set, a musical table, Crumpler baby bag, educational laptop, among many many other things!

P.S. Waiting for the official photos taken by my professional photographer of the evening :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday - Part II

The eve of Adam's birthday is spent having lunch with our immediate family members.
The poor baby got whisked away since early morning, running last minute birthday errands with the parents and going to collect his Birthday cake. Oh, the cake! His very first cake :)

Date: 16 May 2010 Sunday
Venue: Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
The restaurant's staff are helpful, and service is prompt. The waiting staff cleared our dishes at fast speed and helped us with the cake, the candle, the plates & cutlery. They even played the Happy Birthday song for us, though we didnt have any songs prepared. We've been there several times for our weekend luncheons, and service is still impressive.

"My very first birthday cake!"

The men of my life.

My brother JJ and his gf Liping. By the way, Liping shares the same birthday as Adam! On the day I delivered Adam, they were supposed to be out celebrating Liping's birthday when they came to visit me in hospital. Hehe

My son and his proud Grandma

Family shot everyone, before the song-singing and cake cutting!

Baby Adam points to his cake excitedly and said "Der" (read: there) :D

The Grandmas were more excited than Andy & I were about his first cake-cutting so we just let them. I was too busy playing photographer anyway :)

Blowing Putting out the candle with his fingers! *gasp*

The cake: a 2kg 3D with icing, in Lychee Martini flavour. YUMMY~

Dear Munchkin,
we hope you enjoyed the cake. Your very first cake. Daddy & Mommy specially chose this design for you because you are the bestest gift we ever received in our lives. You are our present, and our future.

Dada & Mama

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday Celebration - Part I

Here's the 1st Prequel to our precious Prince's first birthday, which is in exactly 2 days' time. How time flies!

Date: 15 May 2010 Saturday
Venue: Rochester House

A tranquil dining place for adults to tempt their tastebuds, a huge playground for children to lose themselves.
This is the place for: yuppy young parents, ang-moh parents and kids of all ages.
We love this place so much that we've decided to book this as Adam's 2nd birthday venue, perfect for all my cousins and friends whose babies by then would be old enough to run around & play.

Our young master choosing from his menu

Baby Adam's American breakfast. He loves hotcakes, and I can never seem to make them so flawless.

The Play House: a huge haven for the little ones in the comfort of air-con while the adults can dine & chill outside. There are 3 ladies manning this play area so parents can have complete peace of mind. It is totally brilliant. Two thumbs up!

Daddy making a silly face haha!

He's smiling at the lady who mans the Play House.

Our son is totally engrossed in the little toy paradise and ignores the parents.

Daddy: "Are we ready??"

"Here we go!"

Here's the narcissistic Mom having the blast of her life.

Having a ball. Literally.

I would give anything to put that smile on his face :)
Happy eve-of-the-eve of your Birthday son!
You are our pride & joy, the greatest surprise gift from God, and we all love you more than words can ever describe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Closer and closer

My darling son is getting closer and closer to being ONE. 5 more days to be exact. I'm so nervous!
I even applied a day's leave on 17 May Monday (his official birthdate, 5 June the party date is his Lunar date).

I dont know what to do with him - literally and not figuratively this time.
Should I bring him to the ZOO with my Aunt LY and brothers?
Do 1 yr olds know what to do at a zoo other than get frightened by screaming animals?
I'm not a bimbotic mum who thinks spending hours at the mall is best. For boring noons maybe, but not on a first birthday please.
How about a swimming session with his first float and UV suit?

Ok let's see what the Grandparents say.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Wishlist?

People we love are already asking me what presents can they get for Adam. Honestly, I dont know.
I know this sounds crazy but I highly discourage anyone from buying toys for him cos we have too many toys at home which he isn't really interested in playing/gets bored of too soon.

So without buying a Toddler toys, what else can one get for him?

Here are some suggestions I gave / was given:
- Drawing easel from IKEA or Little Tikes
- Crumpler Baby school bag
- Little Tikes Cosy Coupe (bulky and I still can't decide if he will like it though. The risk is there)
- Books - board books, pop-up books, storybooks
- IKEA blue bookshelf (good for our new pad!)
- IKEA or Little Tikes study table and chair set (good for our new pad too)
- Crayola crayons (esp if they are washable)

That said, I wonder what he's really getting on his Birthday.
Oh yah, no clothes too please! He has tons from GAP, Pumpkin Patch, Ralph Lauren and Burberry already :)
Thanks people!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adam's Birthday Banner

Customising Adam's banner was met with some glitches, particularly with a highly-raved printing company who has printed many children's birthday banners.

I shan't disclose that company name for privacy reasons, but he wanted to charge me additional $10 for "designing fee" - which was really to crop away the background of my original photo. I obligingly agreed to the additional charge, but the final draft sent to me was CRAP.

Nevermind that I couldn't customise the banner because the guy told me that all the available design templates are already on the web, but the cropping was done shabbily and made Kai's head look out of shape. How can anyone say yes to this lousy excuse of an artwork I really am clueless.
This isn't to say all moms should avoid this company, I have read some positive feedback hence I had emailed them, but maybe I'm the unlucky one. Shrug. Move on.

Back to the topic.
I was met with no choice but to design my own banner, and 'cuse me, I think I can do a better job at cropping.


Mickey & gang photo courtesy of Disney

So yeah this is gonna be Baby Kai's birthday banner, and we're gonna bring it to a printer to have it done. I just hope I got the dimensions right :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Big ONE

Andy & I spent countless hours planning Baby Adam's birthday bash and we wanna make sure it is immaculate.
Andy is in fact, the brains behind the venue and party deco.
I'm in-charge of what I have a flair for *ahem* - Designing :)

The invite:

Back of invite:

The Thank You tag for Goodie packs:

I don't care if you call me kiasu, but planning a FIRST birthday, especially for a FIRST baby/grandson/nephew is, undoubtedly, nerve-wrecking and therefore demands the greatest efforts and time from the parents.
I spent hours designing these months ahead.

And because I spent so much effort and time on designing these, I'd be just happy if all you do is - ask - for the softcopy if you're intending to use my design.

The theme: Mickey and Baby Disney gang.
Baby Adam doesn't have a favourite character yet, and we thought of choosing Mickey as a classic character that will never go out of date even if he were to look at his photos 20 yrs later.

The venue: Andy & I both decided congruently that no chalets, no hotel buffets, no condo function-rooms for our son's 1st. We don't want to do what all other parents are doing, and in our opinion - if you hold a baby's party at these places, you're doing it more for the sake of your invitees than your child's enjoyment. We chose Toy Museum for Baby Adam, because it is afterall his party. He deserves a bash, not just a venue where all other kids held theirs. Thanks to Hubby for being the brains behind it, we managed to secure the entire Museum for our private use on that evening! but of cos to keep the crowd manageable, we are gonna limit the guests to only 2 floors Tee hee.

The invites: I decided to make them as Admission Passes for our guests, which they have to present to the staff at the entrance. Courtesy of the Museum for giving us permission to use their Logo and Map :)

Now, what we need to do:
- Order cake (still can't decide whether to bake or buy)
- Order balloons and banner
- Buy and customise our Goodie packs

I will post more about the Birthday Planning and putting everything together as we get to it :)