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Sunday, June 26, 2016

{media invite} Alive Museum Singapore.

I hardly venture out of my comfort zone, which is the eastern part of Singapore.
To me, anything further than Tanah Merah is considered inconvenient.
I don't ever go to town anymore, unless absolutely necessary.
Today is an exception because we got invited to visit the Alive Museum at Suntec City!

(Adam decided to stay home with his birds because we have 2 chicks that require handfeeding at the moment.)

How was your Sunday on the eve of Term 3 of school?
Mine was nothing short of insane - I got eaten by Marilyn Monroe, got kissed by Spidey, and did some pretty insane stuff.

Let's see our imagination come ALIVE!

At first, I ish wanna be the roaring lion....

Then I wanted to make my baby become Simba the lion king...
source: Google images.

alive museum singapore review
But in the end, the real king has claimed the throne.

Disclaimer: obscene as this pose may be, it was actually the suggested pose on the photo guide!
Thank goodness nobody was standing at the other end.

alive museum sg blog
Stairway to Heaven

alive museum sg blog

ashton tan tian yang

alive museum sg blog

alive museum singapore blog
My favourite shot of the lot!

Thumbelina riding on a hummingbird.

Thank you Alive Museum for having us!
With just the right amount of lighting, it makes photo-taking a breeze.


Address: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) Singapore 038983

Opening hours:  Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Ticket price:
Adult (13 onwards): $25
Child (3 - 12 years old): $20
Children below 3 years of age admit for FREE.

Family package (only applicable when tickets are bought at Alive entrance): $60 for 2 Adults + 1 Child (3 - 12yo), additional child at $10/ticket, up to 3 more kids.

PROMOTION AVAILABLE NOW: Get 40% off your full-priced tickets which is now ongoing till further notice!
Check out the Alive Museum PROMO website for more details.
For such wacky photos, it is more fun to grab more silly friends or family to go with you!
Best is in groups of 4 or more.

P.S. Sorry Adam you missed it! We will bring you to Trick Eye Museum next time to make up for it!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

World gourmet Summit Singapore 2016: Mandarin Oriental Hotel feat. Chef Manzano.

From the 28 March to 24 April 2016, the World Gourmet Summit is here in Singapore again, and to my delight, I received an email invitation from Mandarin Oriental about their collaboration with Spanish chef Nacho Manzano.

Any opportunity for good food and drinks with the heart of Singapore as backdrop with the Mr is hard to come by, and we welcomed the chance :)
dolce vita mandarin oriental
At Dolce Vita restaurant, Mandarin Oriental hotel.
We have been to Melt cafe several times for their Sunday lunch buffet with free-flow champagne, but this is our first time to Dolce Vita.

The 10 course menu:

1. Ham croquette "Casa Marcial"

2. Rooster's crest

3. Lichen

4. Sea urchin with Hollandaise sauce

5. Spring

6. Fava beans with cockle

7. Cod tripe

8. A la sal (seabass with artichoke tea)

9. Marinated pigeon (medium rare)

10. Celery pannacotta

Ham croquette "Casa Marcial"

Rooster's crest (the biscuit-like item shaped like a rooster's crest) and Lichen (fried seaweed at the canopy of the little bonzai tree)


Rooster's crest

sea urchin nacho manzano
Sea urchin with Hollandiase sauce.

Buen provecho.


Fava beans with cockle.

Cod tripe.

Sea bass with artichoke tea.

Marinated pigeon, medium rare.

Celery pannacotta, with apple and lime sauce. Nice dish to end the meal!

ootd hermes audemars piguet

world gourmet summit chef nacho manzano
With the gentlemen of the night. 2-star Michelin chef Nacho Manzano and the Hubby of course. We had a wonderful evening. Muy bien, gracias!

Thank you Mandarin Oriental hotel and Chef Manzano for the epicurean experience.
I must admit, the variety tonight is nothing like what we usually have for dinner on weekends (think:  zhi-char food).
It sure is a nice change for our tastebuds to try different textures, sauces and meat once in a while :)