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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The discipline issue - Part 2.

Okay, so I was cross with Adam tonight because he has been behaving like a total crap-bag.
I asked him to his room and closed the door and had a heart-to-heart talk with him (it's never easy to say "I need to talk to you" be it to your husband, colleague or even son!).

I asked him if he is leading a hard life, does he not have food to eat or toys to play with, do Daddy and Mummy always beat him and treat him badly.... blah blah blah. (Now, it seems like all the talking is one-sided).
He started wailing and said No, he has a good life, and that he has food to eat and many toys in his Play-room, and by then his sobs were really loud. I resisted the urge to burst out laughing.
My Adam can be the sweetest thing sometimes.
He behaved really well at dinner and he told me he was tired and needed to rest.
I think he must be exhausted from the day's swim lesson followed by water play, and the fact that he only napped half an hour because he wet his bed big time and woke up from it.
When he has not enough rest, he is capable of being very irritable (and irritating).
So I forgave him and I am not cross with him anymore. I cannot go to bed angry. It's bad for health.

Our evening ended quite amicably. Hubby came back from fishing with his catches and we had fresh steamed fishes for dinner at the nearby zhi-char, Hong Kong style.
I decided not to join Andy fishing in the end because Sundays are filled with lots of Mummy-admin - fetching the kids to Adam's swim lesson, getting lunch and naps in order etc.

Some photos from our evening: Fatty jumping in his jumperoo - the baby-version of a trapeze.

Adam after our "talk".

the big baby who just came back from his fishing trip earlier on.

The discipline issue.

Yesterday, my mummy-friend sent me a link of "high need children" and told me her son seems to fall under all the categories that qualify him as a "high need child".
I looked through the article and suddenly find that Adam is a lot like that recently.
He is demanding and attention-seeking, cannot self-soothe and always needs me to be around to do things for him.

Adam used to adore his younger brother so much, but lately he has been testing our patience.
He snatches whatever toy Ashton is playing with , and recently my father-in-law bought Ashton a walker which we let Adam help choose, but once we had it set up at my in-law's, Adam started claiming the walker as his and refused to let Ashton have a go at it.

He has become demanding, needy and attention-seeking. It makes me extremely fed up because I do not want to resort to something negative which may make him hate me, or worse, hate Ashton.

On a scale of 0-10, 0 being most lenient and 10 being the strictest, I am probably a 2 or 3.
Andy accused me of spoiling him from young, saying that Adam only misbehaves when I'm around because he knows he can get away with it. I think that is not true of course, and I'm very displeased with Andy accusing me like that.

It's not that I spoil Adam too much, but it's just that being a mother, it's contradictory for me to inflict pain on the very ones I'm committed to protect and love.

It's not that I'm not bothered with the boys fighting for toys or attention, it's just that sometimes I think as a parent it is important not to be too quick to jump in and take sides , no matter how tempting it is.
Anyway, these are my sulky, annoying farts...
His train fell off the track and therefore it's the end of the world. 

Upset because he has no toys to play with as Adam has snatched everything away. Sigh.

All that moaning, groaning and whining make my head want to explode.

I know Adam is jealous of having to share all the attention and toys with Ashton, but I'm extremely annoyed with his behaviour.
We (Andy, my in-laws and I) do not practice corporal punishment. Friends who visit find it hard to believe that we do not have a single cane in our home!
We try to give our children the best we can afford (not just the material things), and there is absolutely no reason for Adam to behave like such an ungrateful and annoying shit.

How in the world our grandparents have 10 kids is truly beyond me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Royal Caribbean cruise [Part 2]: Penang and Port Klang

 Day 2: the ship docked at Penang as the first stop so we chartered a mini bus to bring us around.
Time was scarce so it was basically touch-and-go for the experience.

Poor Adam was so tired from all our activities that he fell asleep like this while we had Chendol

Enjoying some icy treats before setting off.
I'm wearing a salmon pink batwing blouse with embroidery from . Denim shorts from Bugis Street.
Bag: Hermes Etoupe evelyne GM III, my trusty "rugged" bag.
Slippers: Tory Burch. Very comfy and something I can wear to death.

Penang Peranakan museum

After Peranakan museum tour, we went to Penang Gurney food street for dinner before heading back to the ship.

Penang laksa: sedup!

Adam and I going crazy in front of my in-laws. Yes, my children can do anything with me as long as it doesn't involve drugs and a real gun. I'm a crazy Mummy like that!

At least all the jumping made a certain baby laugh

Day 3: Port Klang.

At Port Klang

Eat first, shop later. One huge claypot of Bak Kut Teh. Love the flavorful herbal soup.

Oops only these 2 photos from Port Klang because there's nothing much going on there.

I didn't mean to eavesdrop on Adam while he was playing on his own before bedtime but the cabin is only that small and I heard him saying to his imaginary friends, "Oh no, Adam's mummy is here! Quick!" [insert shuffling sound effects which I assume are imaginary friends scampering off].
 It's official - I'm a scary Mumzilla!

Easter weekend: Royal Caribbean Cruise 2013 [Part 1]

 Hello hello! Went on a cruise with my beloved family and our prodigal kids during the Easter long weekend.
We decided on a cruise because Ashton just had his surgery a month ago and we did not want to subject him to the stress of flying.
Anyway, here are the photos!
My lovely online friend @coco_muffin (her ID on Instagram, follow her! Teehee..) lent me this dress when I told her I wanted to buy it for this trip. Love the nautical stripes and flowy material!
thanks D!

and Nautical nails to fit the mood

These 2 boys whose well-being and happiness I guard fiercely.

My children have powerful built-in Global Positioning System which can detect Mummy no matter where I hide.

"You can run but you can't hide, Mummy!"

My Mum-in-law. She's a lovely lady. So happy to have her as my MIL because she can take my nonsense and vice versa. We are very 3-8 together!

My unruly kids.

We are all dressed up for dinner. I'm wearing a navy-and-white striped dress from Gap Kids.

Oh, we (Andy) won $100 at the casino!

Lounging around while Adam is in the Playroom and Ashton is with my in-laws.
Color block blouse and beige shorts from Nichii. The blouse has a gold exposed zip which I like.
Red moccasins from Marie Claire.

Sunnies: Prada Baroque Rectangle frame (the other pair I have is Round framed)

" Royal Caribbean International operates some of the most environmentally friendly cruise ships in the world.We demonstrate environmental stewardship and sustainability by using management systems that meet voluntary international standards, including ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental standards.
In fact, Royal Caribbean was the first cruise line to use an environmental management system certified to the ISO 14001 standard. "

In addition, each of our ships has an environmental officer responsible for:

- Oversight of the company's onboard environmental program
- Environmental training for every crew member
- Liquid and solid hazardous- and non-hazardous waste management
- Chemical management and workplace safety

I am totally supportive of businesses which take pride in caring for the environment. We have to do our part in saving our children's future!
 Hope you made the best of your Easter weekend! :)
**Part 2 of our cruise trip is HERE.