Birthday Planner: Three is fast, what a blast! Thomas theme

Adam is turning 3 in less than 2 weeks' time (17 May 2012).
This year, with my bulging belly and constant backache from the pregnancy, I'm unable to conjure up a grand party for him because that will mean running many errands, getting the right venue, and seeing to all the catering, guest list and yadayada.
So we thought we'd keep it simple this year by just throwing him a party in school since his Birthday falls on a Thursday.

Nonetheless, I try to make it an eventful and special day for our first born forever-baby :)
That said, alot of time & effort goes into the planning & preparations of Adam's birthday parties.
Even though this year, our guest list is downsized, but there're still 2 parties to plan for! Thankfully, I'll be let off the hook for the next 11 months! (Or till the next party, ie. Full month shower)

Outfit for Adam's class celebration -
Yes we are having a Thomas themed party!

What's a Birthday without balloons?

Gift favours for his classmates

More gift favours - BPA-free Thomas cups stuffed with candy & marshmallows

Bookmarks which double as fridge madgets

Birthday cake for our family celebration - Adam chose this design himself :)

Part 1 of Celebration: With my family & Andy's family at Yan Palace dinner.
With kao-fu's, Popo and Gong Gong
With Ah Ma, Ah Gong & Chek chek

Having his cake & eating it too. Yum!
Part 2 of Celebration: Class party!!
My boy is all smiles :D

Three was fast, what a Blast! ;)

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