Birthday Planner: A Transformers Fourth

My firstborn is turning FOUR on the 17th May and he specifically told me he wants to have a Transformers-themed party. If you know Adam, he's BIG on Transformers, and has been since a year ago. He has a neat collection of those Autobots and watches them on his iPad every night.

Being his crazy Mommy, I went all out to source for different Transformers partyware.
Not all items were bought at the same place due to the lack of quantity available at any one point, but here are the shops I visited to consolidate everything I needed:
Transformers character cakes available in different prints (rectangle and round cakes available)
Check out THIS LINK for other character cakes.
Party plates and cups

Transformers blowouts

Transformers stationery sets are from a party shop at Pasir Ris West Plaza. It's one of those small-scale shops that does not have a website.

Things that go in each loot bag for Adam's friends: stickers, pencils, notepad, sharpener, eraser, paper clip, ruler, and blowout. EVERYTHING Transformers!

Loot boxes filled and ready for distribution!
Balloon bouquet from Kidz Party Store.

On the morning of Adam's birthday....
Had to load all the stuff and make our way to school.

Yes, I'd do anything for my children, even if I have to drive with a balloon bouquet out of my sunroof!

The cake which Adam chose himself. He wanted a design which had all his favourite characters in it :)

With his classmates.

Adam's proudest moment, surrounded by friends and family.

Cake cutting!

My Ashton is showing his middle-finger......

Serving us cake. We are extremely proud of you, Adam!

Our baby had a fabulous time today.

Happy 4th Birthday my dearest Adam. You are Mummy's big Baobei. May you be blessed with good health and a charmed life always.

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