Friday, January 1, 2021

Food review: Belly Umami


2020 was a year of new discovery for the world.
For me, one of the discoveries was I found my Secondary school friend again, after some twenty years, through my group of girl friends, and that was when I found out he had started his own private Omakase dining!

I would like to introduce to you the man behind BELLY UMAMI whom, not to be mistaken as the one standing behind me in the following pic, you will see a couple of photos away. 

Also not these two... they only know how to eat.

Keep scrolling...

Yeap that's my friend right there - Bernard, the man behind Belly Umami!

The first dish was this cold tofu with salted egg crumbs and white sesame seeds with edible flowers as garnishing

Next was the herbal chicken with generous amounts of herbs and chrysanthemum flowers, which added a light floral aroma to the chicken.

This Asam fish head came next, a spicy welcome in the inclement weather.

And this crispy Pork Crackling with white wine sauce, garlic and thyme. 
Oh my ham, where do I even start? It's so crisp I could break the skin like a cracker.

The Nyonya zhap-chai was also very authentic. If my Peranakan husband and in-laws think it is as good as Grandma's, you have to take their word for it!

These juicy cockles in butter and garlic was one of my favourite. I love see hum!

And they saved the best for last - Bernard's signature Crab bee hoon.
The crab roe, together with the bee hoon laced with white wine, was simply orgasm in my mouth!

Thank you Bernard and team at Belly Umami for hosting my family tonight (as law-abiding citizens we kept to a group of 8).
We thoroughly enjoyed the dinner! I'm secretly hoping my helper will take inspiration from you and cook us the Asam fish head LOL.

Please head over to  BELLY UMAMI's Facebook page  for more menu items and information!

I really admire Bernard's grit and passion for cooking, and all his dishes are carefully curated and created by himself. 
I can guarantee, you will not be disappointed :)

Wishing you guys an abundant 2021 ahead! Cheers everyone!