Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Turning 27 on the 27th is a BIGGIE to me.
Can you believe I am 90% to my Big Three??

I took the plunge and had my tresses chopped.
My buddy Shaun (whom I'd known for 9yrs & counting, my bitching buddy!) encouraged me to go for it. Heck, I was nervous as hell, because I've had long hair ALL MY LIFE.

But now, to celebrate my 1st year as a mother, 2nd year as a wife, and being 27 on the 27th, I decided to just go for it!

The outcome:

I love my stylist Kevin. He gave me this concave bob which instantly erased some years off my biological age.
Thanks Shaun this post is for you *wink*
Andy loves my new hairstyle and can't stop saying I look like so hot & chic, Mama!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


From the gals:

Did I mention I love STICKY? But it's one of those items I can't bear to buy for myself because they look too good to be eaten. How nice it is to have them given to me :]
I'm chewing on one as I type this and it tastes like Barbie & cupcakes. Yum!

Oh, I need this so! I've wanted this gadget forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but ever since I got my car - because I am a kayu driver who loses my way one time too many.
Thank you girls!

And from the main man:

Another Chanel to add to my collection.

And a laptop from Hubby too!
I havent even bought any pressie for myself yet because you all bought everything I need & want already!

Thank you so much my babes and Hubz. You're all undoubtedly the very best people God created in my life!

27.. But none the wiser!

Last year, Andy & the gals fixed a surprise Birthday Party for me. So did they this year, but I still didn't suspect a thing and got fooled into another surprise party again!
Two years in a row and still none the wiser! Shame on me! LOL

When we walked to Lava from our car, first caught sight of these 2 women.. Then I knew!

Our family shot.

Chris baked this. Isn't she AWESOME?

My crazy friends roped in the staff at Lava to sing my Birthday song as well... *blush*

Surrounded by the people who matter :D

The candle kept reigniting, giving me more wishes! HEHE

Crazy Maine & I

I feel like a Princess again, after all these YEARS!

Adam: "Oh just gimme the darn cake already!"

Another happy family shot: Chern Wei, Nat Nat & Chris.

The Godma.

Mr Popular being passed around by the aunties / jiejie.

My girls & 1 Prince! Besties forever!

I LOVE YA ALL! Thanks for giving me a Fantabulous Birthday every year.
The surprises and presents are a bonus. Your company is Godsend.

Jetlagged... still.

Baby Kai is still jetlagged. He is still waking up at 6am (Aust time 9am) every morning, and stays awake for a long time.
He sleeps earlier these few nights, mostly at 9+pm, which wasn't his usual habit.

Andy & I are soooo sleep deprived.
Babies can't tell the time, so they rely on the day-night cycle and their body clocks.
Can't blame Baby Kai of course, but no more travelling for Baby Kai either - especially to countries with time differences!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good times in Melbourne - some family togetherness

Some evenings, Aunty Irene cooked. On those she didn't cook, we ate out at Glen Waverly where there were many Asian restaurants.

Cousin Kylie was very kind to lend Baby Adam her highchair. She has a girl aged 2yrs, and recently just gave birth to a baby boy 5 weeks ago. We're still deciding on his Chinese name, but his Christian name is Kai (which means Ocean in Hawaii). Wow, didn't know that!

Eating out with Baby Adam is a challenge because he wants to order as well!

That's what living in Australia is mostly about - you can basically live in the suburbs for years without having a need to go to town! That's how self-sufficient people are.

Good times in Melbourne - Crown Casino and the city

On Saturday 20 Feb 2010, Aunty Irene, my uncle and cousin Phil were so kind to babysit Baby Adam so we spent the entire day in town with Jacq.

Jacq signed us in with her VIP membership, but in the end we signed ourselves for the membership too. Spent many hours inside the casino gambling - in the end we won AUD$25, which paid for our free icecream later on at Trampoline. hahaha

Strolling down the city and taking what Melbourne's all about - art & culture.

Flinders train station

Being the only state in Australia to have tram, surely it was worth taking the free City Circle tram around town!

My brother Junwen and cousin Jacq.

Hopped off at Harbourtown and did more walking, back to the city!

By the time we got back to Crown (where we parked for free due to casino membership), it was dark. We collected the car and headed to Lygon st (little Italy) for Papa Gino's italian food.

Ok, that's all folks!