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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gardens by the Bay

Went to Gardens by the Bay tonight for dinner and a stroll, where we joined thousands in the crowd seeing Super Trees, Super Trees, and more Super Trees.

After so many days of eating restaurant food, I'm craving for good ol' hawker fare.

Round round Buddha-baby so tame and so lovable, but lately it's been quite a chore breastfeeding him because he is so kaypo and turns his head to watch TV / look at people and exposing my "raisins" to the world.

My little boyfriend

20-plus kilos on Hubby's shoulders = no joke!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 1st day of Water Snake year!

What a busy first day of the Lunar New Year! As usual, we went visiting and it's Ashton's first year celebrating Chinese New Year and collecting Angpaos.
After spending the entire day out and about, and having my children live out of the diaper bag, we went home for a quick shower before heading out to dinner.
While seemingly the rest of Singapore is closed for the festivities, we managed to book a reservation for steamboat buffet at M Hotel.
So comforting to have piping hot steamboat in the cold rainy weather.


My cheeky monster. Although Adam is always making my blood pressure rise and I always have to give him my Goldfish-eyeball stares, but I still adore him to bits.

My MIL knows that I don't like to peel prawn shells and my Hubby is one weird specimen who consumes the prawn whole (shell included, therefore he also doesn't peel prawns), so she peeled them for me.. So loved!

My beautiful family. So in love with them and so loved by them. Just the other night, Adam told me "Mummy I love you too much"  :)

Loving my vibrant blue and turqoise peacock Bodycon dress from Tracyeinny.
Bag: Hermes Picotin PM
I wish everyone a Happy and Precious Chinese New Year, filled with lots of health, joy and peace!
May your resolutions come true.
Love lots, smile always :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

The glamorous sides of Motherhood

Hi! Wanna know how we have been in the weeks preceding CNY?
Adam finished all the cookies I baked for CNY, developed a sore throat and passed his germs to Ashton.
Apparently, he's been the Smart Alec here and asked my maid to give him the cookies.
I asked Dwi why on earth did she give him so many cookies to eat and she replied that Adam told her he was very hungry. Needless to say, both of them got an earful from me.
At the same time, Adam also developed oral thrush and I, mastitis.
The mastitis came about because Ashton was feeling unwell and didn't latch much, and with two sick babies, I didn't have the time nor luxury to sit down and pump my milk!
I tried latching the baby but his stuffy nose made it hard for him to breathe when my boob is in his mouth so he gave up on my breast and the blocked ducts came on. When he needed them, they gave him supply in abundance and now when my booby needs him to suckle and clear the clog, he gives up on it. I'm feeling betrayed like that.

"I'm really trying.... Mummyyyyy... zzZzzzZ"

I've never had mastitis or clogged ducts so badly before and I can tell you, for someone whos not fond of crying, I was reduced to tears from the excruciating pain and hardness of my breast. I pumped and pumped for dear life and couldn't even get a single drop of milk out. I tried to convince Adam that it's the same as sucking a lollipop but he stared at my "lollipops", giggled, and ran out of the room.
I tried hand squeezing, hot towel compress, massaging the blocked ducts but nothing - I mean NOTHINGGG - worked.
All the cold cabbage in the world cannot save me.
I called KKH lactation clinic and they can't slot me in till Friday. I tried calling Mt Alvernia but never got through.
Drastic situations call for drastic measures.  In the end, I called in a private lactation consultant who, God bless her soul, does house calls and agreed to come to my rescue at 8:30pm on a Monday night. God bless the person who invented Google too.
$160 poorer but my milk jugs will be saved!

As if my life isn't melodramatic enough, I'm happy to announce that I am also going bald.

This is the amount of hair that comes off everytime I bathe and brush my hair.
Sometimes I run my fingers through my hair and more clumps fall out.
By CNY I'm pretty sure I'll be BALD.

The glamorous sides of motherhood! You have been warned.

As a side note, these are the Cornflake & Raisin cookies I baked for Adam that he polished off batch after batch.

They are really child's play to bake! My Mum used to bake them for me and my brothers during CNY when we were kids, and now I'm paying it forward, baking them for my child(ren).
- Raisins 1 cup (cut into halves if they are too long)
- Cornflakes 1 cup (pour into ziplock bag and crunch them lightly)
- Plain flour 240gm
- Icing sugar 160gm
- Corn starch 60gm
- Butter 240gm (1 block, softened at room temperature. It forms a slight depression when you press with your finger)
- Egg yolks x 2
- Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon

It's doing those Mummy-things that make me very happy.

- Pour icing sugar into a mixing bowl and add in the butter, cut into cubes.
- Using an electric beater, beat the butter and icing sugar at low speed until they form big lumps.
- Add in the 2 egg yolks and vanilla essence and continue whisking at low speed.
- Then, slowly add in the plain flour in batches and continue whisking until you achieve a smooth and fluffy consistency that does not drip when you hold it up with a spoon.
- Pour in raisins and mix.
- Using teaspoon, dish out the batter into small cookie paper cups.
- Sprinkle corn flakes and lightly pat them to stick onto the batter.
- For decoration, you may add 1 raisin on top of each cookie.
- Bake in preheated oven at 180-deg celcius for 15 minutes.
- Hint: they don't brown very much so careful not to overbake otherwise the bottom becomes burnt.
Hope you have fun baking!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Baby A fell off our bed today. And Mummy is guilty as charged :(
I don't know how it happened, it just happened all too fast. I was sitting on the edge of our bed and my back was on him for just a nano-second and the next thing I heard was a loud "THUD" and Baby A was face-down on the floor.

The chain of events that happened were hysterical screaming & crying, and silly Mummy trying to pacify poor Baby A.
Bad bad Mummy. I'm soooooo clumsy! Sigh. I feel so bad and guilty now. How could I let my Baby be in danger when I'm the one who should protect him?? :(

"I'm sooo sorry sweetheart. Bad bad bad Mummy", was all I could say.

Moral of the story: NEVER under-estimate how fast your Baby can be. They can really surprise you!
No more hesitation.
Time to go buy the Haenim play yard with alphabet foam mats(for our home) and a Graco Play pen (for my Mum's place) for Baby A.
SIGH.. What a day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby A's new ride.

Received call early this morning from the car agent saying that our new set of squeaky wheels has reached the showroom and is ready for us to go take a look.

Baby A had his cereal and greens.

Then waited for the folks to get dressed.

At the showroom: The youngest driver around.

Our new ride was waiting in the showroom for Master Kai to test drive :)
He loves the sunroof, among all things, and is fixated on the steering wheel.
Andy & I are both delighted to know that Baby A likes his new car.
He'd better, since Daddy bought this car for Mummy to bring Baby A out and to drive to work.

I, especially, love the reverse-camera which activates automatically when the gear hits 'R', and you can see what's going on in the LCD screen. No excuse for being kayu!
Actually, I've been very contented taking the MRT to work all these years, even though we already have 3 cars at home, because Lazy Me loves to sleep on the train and not having to worry about annoying drivers and traffic jams.
So with this new car, I told Andy...

Me: Dear I don't wanna drive it to work lah.
Andy: Huh, then what's the point of buying if you just park it at home???
Me: I'm very happy sleeping on the train and you also know I'm very blur.
Andy: But I want you to save more time so you can come home early everyday.

Didn't expect Hubby to be sooooo sweeeeet... I'm so touched and surprised, maybe because I didn't ask for it, not to mention I least expect it.
Some women want all their lives to marry rich men and lead the Tai-tai life, but I'm very happy with my lot in life, happy to have a loving family and a healthy Baby.
I'm really easy to please :)
THANK YOU HUBBY. You're such a good man. I must've done something good in my past life to deserve someone like you.
I love you so much!

Your wife and Baby A's Mummy

Friday, November 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

... is the hardest thing to do in the mornings when I have to leave my peacefully sleeping Angel, for work.

To be honest, I've been back to work for 1.5 months now and there isn't a day that passes where I don't wish I can stay home to be with my baby.So contradicting, I know. When I was at home, I grumbled about being a frumpy Housewife.Now that I'm back at work, I wish I can go back to being a frumpy housewife :)

Anyway, this are Baby A's pressies for Xmas 2009, which we bought over the last weekend in town.

I wonder what other presents Baby A will get for his FIRST X'mas.
I guess there isnt much a 6-month-old Baby would want other than his parents to be around him all day :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enclosed with love.

Andy offered to help wash the fan and aircon filters today, what a gem!
Before the operation could be carried out, he had to put Baby A in another room to prevent him from ingesting the dust.
Mummy on the other hand, was busy taking a shower and getting dressed for going back to my folks'.
When I was finally done wearing my new Dior foundation, I went to the other room to check on the Rascal, and this is what I saw...

Daddy A had set up an enclosure with pillows and bolsters to prevent him from rolling off the bed! so he could go about doing his chores.

"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special (and humorous) to be a Daddy" :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

At Zhor-zhor's.

After a day's shopping in town, we brought Baby A to his great-grandma's.
Here he is, sitting up on his own without support from the adults.
He could even swing his hands excitedly while holding his fav teether, and turn his head while still holding the Sit position.

This is the first time I'm seeing my baby sit up on his own without needing me to hold him.
Does this mean that my baby is needing lesser of me?? Sob sob.

A conversation between Andy & I today:
What do you think of "Alexander"? "Xander" in short.
Andy: Too long.
Me: Ok, how about "Aleric"??
Andy: (pause) sounds too French.
Me: Huh nice name leh... Then what do you want?? "Ang ku kueh" can or not? Very Sing-gah-por-lean.
Andy: (smirks) Ok on!

My hubby just dubbed our future son Ang Ku Kueh Tan. Just like he did to Baby A last time.
In case you're curious, Baby A was almost named:
- Julius Cesar
- Augustus Ignatius
- Johansberg