Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Review] OSIM uMist Baby air humidifier

We are lucky recipients of an OSIM uMist Baby air humidifier as a complimentary gift, so I've decided to do a quick review of it.
Product information:
The fine mist evaporates easily to humidify your room and helps to moisturise your skin, soothe your throat and moisten your airways, relieving breathing difficulties caused by dry air.

It has a night light function which is especially helpful for children's rooms.
Air humidifiers need no introduction, as they have been around in the market for quite some time.
The uMist Baby came in handy because it has been a season of flu and bugs for our family and every parent knows what a nightmare it is when children fall sick!
I like that it is very small and easily placed at a corner of the boys' room.
The only downside however, is that due to its small chamber size, water needs to be refilled daily if you turn it on through the night.

Other than that, I find that it is a great product because I woke up without a dry throat even though I was having sore throat, and I didn't hear the boys wheezing at night which happen when they have dry nasal passages.

Edit to add: Another advantage of OSIM uMist Baby is the mist doesn't leave any water marks AT ALL even though I put it right next to the curtains. Fantastic!

Retails for SGD$88 at all OSIM outlets.

Thank you OSIM!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gardens by the Bay

Went to Gardens by the Bay tonight for dinner and a stroll, where we joined thousands in the crowd seeing Super Trees, Super Trees, and more Super Trees.

After so many days of eating restaurant food, I'm craving for good ol' hawker fare.

Round round Buddha-baby so tame and so lovable, but lately it's been quite a chore breastfeeding him because he is so kaypo and turns his head to watch TV / look at people and exposing my "raisins" to the world.

My little boyfriend

20-plus kilos on Hubby's shoulders = no joke!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 1st day of Water Snake year!

What a busy first day of the Lunar New Year! As usual, we went visiting and it's Ashton's first year celebrating Chinese New Year and collecting Angpaos.
After spending the entire day out and about, and having my children live out of the diaper bag, we went home for a quick shower before heading out to dinner.
While seemingly the rest of Singapore is closed for the festivities, we managed to book a reservation for steamboat buffet at M Hotel.
So comforting to have piping hot steamboat in the cold rainy weather.


My cheeky monster. Although Adam is always making my blood pressure rise and I always have to give him my Goldfish-eyeball stares, but I still adore him to bits.

My MIL knows that I don't like to peel prawn shells and my Hubby is one weird specimen who consumes the prawn whole (shell included, therefore he also doesn't peel prawns), so she peeled them for me.. So loved!

My beautiful family. So in love with them and so loved by them. Just the other night, Adam told me "Mummy I love you too much"  :)

Loving my vibrant blue and turqoise peacock Bodycon dress from Tracyeinny.
Bag: Hermes Picotin PM
I wish everyone a Happy and Precious Chinese New Year, filled with lots of health, joy and peace!
May your resolutions come true.
Love lots, smile always :)