Saturday, July 11, 2015

[sponsored review] King Koil Foss Flakes pillow and bolster + Discount code at end of post =)

Hands up if you prefer your pillows and bolster soft, like me!
Hubby and I will never fight over our pillows because he prefers hard ones and me, cotton-candy soft fluffy ones.
I don't know how he does it but if I sleep on a hard pillow at night, I will wake up with a stiff neck the next morning >_<    #myChinesenameshouldbeZhenMafan
Luckily for me, King Koil has generously sponsored me 2 Foss Flakes pillows + 1 Foss Flakes bolster for review.
For your information, Foss Flakes comes in 2 types of hardness/softness: Firm or Soft.
So for the fairness of this review, I requested:
1 x Firm pillow (for hubby to trial)
1 x Soft pillow (for myself)
1 x Bolster (for myself)

Foss Flakes came at a very timely period and I cannot stop counting my blessings for King Koil's generosity because it's high time to throw out our old bedding.
(Warning: DISGUSTING photos to follow)

I've not done household chores for the longest time because I always leave it to my helper to change the sheets and once in a while to throw the pillows and bolsters into the washer to wash & spin.

When I wanted to throw away my old pillow and bolster, I was in for a nasty shock:
My old pillow was some memory soft gel one.

Sho dirty can? Alamak! To think I happily hugged all the germs and dirt to sleep at night.

Anyway, here's what I find about the King Koil Foss Flakes collection after using them for 2 weeks:

Ability to retain shape despite its softness:
I've ever used soft pillows which lose their shape and fluff after few weeks of use but King Koil's is just superb. It takes little to no effort to puff up at bedtime.
Comfort level:

This is subjective, varying from person to person. Hubby doesn't really like it because it's too soft.
But then again, he's the super fussy type, having tried goose down, memory foam, micro-gel etc etc, you name it!
He's got a tall order to fill.
 At $338 for 2, King Koil is priced among the highest, almost at the Tempur range.
However, if you're thinking of trying Foss Flakes, I have good news for you.
Just scroll down for more info :)


For Mumzilla's readers, you are entitled to purchase 2 of King Koil's luxurious pillows at only SGD$128!

Without discount, the UP is $338. If you do your math, that's more than a whooping 60% off discount!
Enter the code "MUMZILLA128" to enjoy this special offer, valid until 31 August 2015.
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