Monday, November 28, 2016

Phuket November 2016 - Holiday Inn Resort and Patong Beach.

Why, hello, Blogpsphere! It's been some time since I last posted.

I've been so busy with Adam's primary school shenanigans and also with our parrots. The only times I come in here is to search for past posts of our kids/ memories.
You can catch more of us on my Instagram account, @mumzillaveron.

Anyway, here's one post about our recent weekend Phuket trip.
Vacationing with your children on a weekend is doable!
You don't need annual leave or a lot of $$ to have some family fun.

We're booked to go to Korea in December, but due to some spontaeneous decision, we ended up going to Phuket with my in-laws first. We've visited Phuket with the kids last year (2015) and stayed at Clubmed, and this time we gave Holiday Inn a try.

To my pleasant surprise, Holiday Inn far exceeded my expectations in terms of being kid-friendly, family-centred and clean. My in-laws also enjoyed their stay. Thumbs up! :)


Family room with a kids room costs SGD$300 per night.
A normal room with 1 King sized bed or 2 Twin beds costs SGD$160/night.
Our spawns have a joining room connecting to ours so we can be left to our own (adult) devices.
I can finally take use the bathroom without an audience!


holiday day inn phuket kids room
Are my kids' room awesome or what! I wanna bunk with them!
Just kidding. Please leave me alone.

holiday inn phuket kids blog review

holiday inn kids phuket

holiday inn kids phuket
There's even a treasure chest with toys. Very pirate-themed to the max.

holiday inn kids phuket
Kiddy toiletries - they really pay attention to the details :)

Adam's favourite Big Boy activity - gaming.


At Kids Club, where you can park your children, from 9am - 5pm daily.
There are extended hours on certain days, so you can plan your adult activities.
Children below 5 need an accompanying adult, which is the only disadvantage if you are planning some snorkelling/ diving trip and you have a child below 5yo.


There are 2 children pools beside the Kids Club and 1 adult pool.


 is just a stone's throwaway from Holiday Inn.

In contrast with Singapore's erratic, mostly wet weather, Phuket is just heavenly.

  Don't spend your weekdays waiting for the weekends, because your time is now.
There is no better time than now to be silly, be crazy, be yourself, and be happy!
Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Will upload the rest when I have time :)