Sunday, June 26, 2016

{media invite} Alive Museum Singapore.

I hardly venture out of my comfort zone, which is the eastern part of Singapore.
To me, anything further than Tanah Merah is considered inconvenient.
I don't ever go to town anymore, unless absolutely necessary.
Today is an exception because we got invited to visit the Alive Museum at Suntec City!

(Adam decided to stay home with his birds because we have 2 chicks that require handfeeding at the moment.)

How was your Sunday on the eve of Term 3 of school?
Mine was nothing short of insane - I got eaten by Marilyn Monroe, got kissed by Spidey, and did some pretty insane stuff.

Let's see our imagination come ALIVE!

At first, I ish wanna be the roaring lion....

Then I wanted to make my baby become Simba the lion king...
source: Google images.

alive museum singapore review
But in the end, the real king has claimed the throne.

Disclaimer: obscene as this pose may be, it was actually the suggested pose on the photo guide!
Thank goodness nobody was standing at the other end.

alive museum sg blog
Stairway to Heaven

alive museum sg blog

ashton tan tian yang

alive museum sg blog

alive museum singapore blog
My favourite shot of the lot!

Thumbelina riding on a hummingbird.

Thank you Alive Museum for having us!
With just the right amount of lighting, it makes photo-taking a breeze.


Address: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) Singapore 038983

Opening hours:  Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Ticket price:
Adult (13 onwards): $25
Child (3 - 12 years old): $20
Children below 3 years of age admit for FREE.

Family package (only applicable when tickets are bought at Alive entrance): $60 for 2 Adults + 1 Child (3 - 12yo), additional child at $10/ticket, up to 3 more kids.

PROMOTION AVAILABLE NOW: Get 40% off your full-priced tickets which is now ongoing till further notice!
Check out the Alive Museum PROMO website for more details.
For such wacky photos, it is more fun to grab more silly friends or family to go with you!
Best is in groups of 4 or more.

P.S. Sorry Adam you missed it! We will bring you to Trick Eye Museum next time to make up for it!

Monday, June 20, 2016

{media invite} Ocean Buddies at KidsSTOP Science Centre.

Last Sunday, we were invited to KidsSTOP for the introduction to their new exhibit, "Ocean Buddies".

Woke up uber early as we had to travel across the island to get to Jurong.
Luckily, both Adam and Ashton were not cranky even though I dragged them out of bed early.
I think the prospect of play is too appealing :P

Launched on 12 May 2016, Ocean Buddies aim to teach environment protection to Pre-schoolers and Lower Primary children.
Featuring 3D animation to create a virtual ocean, Ocean Buddies aim to educate children on marine life and how everyone can do their part to protect our environment.

This is in line with its mission to spark an interest among young children in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
The mural wall curated around the theme of conservation and illustrates how a polluted sea traps and suffocates marine life.

Said Mr Clarence Sirisena, Deputy Chair Executive of Science Centre Board, "With this new exhibit, KidsSTOP aims to engage pre-schoolers and lower primary school children on the need to protect and preserve ecosystems..."

Reinforcing the significance of recycling, reducing and re-using from an early age will help to shape their thinking and actions for the future.
It aims to educate that as harmless as littering may seem, the collective damage can cause serious harm to marine life.

Toshiba is one of the companies that do their part for the environment.

and so is Pilot.

Our kids and us parents sit down for a short briefing on the harmful effects of littering on marine life.

A sea turtle mistakes a plastic bag as jelly fish and consumes it.
Source: Google images.

After the talk, the kiddos were treated to some colouring activity, afterwhich they can "send" their Ocean Buddies into the (virtual) ocean.

Kids can choose the picture they want to colour - Stingray, shark, turtle, clownfish - and let their creative juices flow.

Once they are done, they can send the Ocean Buddies to the ocean with the use of this scanner.
So clever!

Your children can watch their artwork swim on the animated screen!
I am rather amused by this technology! #suaku

Ocean Buddies sharing session happens daily at 10am - 10:30am, and at 4pm - 4:30pm. 

Other activities your children can do in KidsSTOP

Focusing on enriching children aged 18 months to 8 years through purposeful play in a safe and guided environment, their innate skills or inquiry, investigation and innovation will be enhanced, giving them the power to create.

Exhibits and galleries are designed to promote and foster parent-child bonding through interactive activities and programmes.

Children and parents will need to wear socks to play on this climbing web structure called the Dream Climber.
Socks are also needed on Giant J and Small World.

We tried this Typhoon simulator and the force is really lip-flapping strong!

Generate electricity by using kinetics.

Learn about the solar system, about the constellations and planets.

Or learn to pilot a plane.

If everything appears too mainstream for your kids, they can even be young Paleontologists.

Learn about our human body.

Or they can even fix things using their imagination.

Thank you KidsSTOP and Science Centre for inviting my family to your Ocean Buddies exhibition.
As we live in the Eastern part of Singapore, it is not everyday that my kids get to go to the Singapore Science Centre.
As a matter of fact, they have only been there twice in their whole lives.

It was a fun-filled and educational experience for us, I must say.

Look forward to future collaborations with Science Centre :)

KidsSTOP Admission charges:
*Please note that weekend rates will apply on all days during the School holidays.

Operating hours:
DAILY 0930AM - 1:30PM (last admission 12.45PM); and reopening again at 2PM - 6PM.