Monday, December 30, 2013

Guangzhou December 2013.

Followed Le Husband to Guangzhou for his business trip over the weekend.
As it was a short 3D2N trip with only the 2 of us and no help, we decided not to bring the kids.
 It's our first time leaving the kids with my in-laws and maid and jet-setting off.
I was nervous and worried as hell and made sure I had all the logistics and necessary all planned out / instructed / stocked up.
I packed a smaller suitcase into this suitcase so I can put my shopping :P
Never fail to enjoy flying with SQ. Can ogle at the chio stewardesses and watch Sex & The City.

Stayed at the Westin suite. So comfy compared to the freezing cold outside that I didn't want to leave the hotel and just order room service everyday.

Went to Shang-Xia-Jiu Shopping street (上下九步行街) for the obvious. The direct translation I read on the brochure was "Up 9 Road, Down 9 Road"... LMAO.

Look at all the winter wear. I ended up buying Cheongsams for my colleague, my aunt, my mum, my MIL, and myself.
Not kidding! Hubby said save a lot of money this trip.... because nothing to buy -__-

So cute the mini angbao.

This was taken in Beijing Road (another famous shopping area) but the things sold here are more up-market (but not the kind I prefer as we have better up-scale malls in Singapore).. Therefore I didn't really enjoy walking here.
But the photos I took of this ancient road was from Song Dynasty and they preserved parts of the roads when they rebuilt the place.

Adam would've been thrilled!

Outside Sun Yat-Sen memorial. The flowers very trademark China.

Enjoyed some Yum-Cha at the local restaurant with the Husband on the 2nd afternoon.

To good health, happiness, family togetherness and a better 2014.
Andy and I have been dating since I was 21. That was 9 years ago. We tied the knot in 2009 and shortly after, Adam was born.
This man is my soulmate, I never run out of things to talk to him about (though he always finds me naggy :P ). Love you Hon, and thank you, for loving me.

My favourite is the crispy skin of roast goose. Fat die me!

After all the food, got enough energy to go to Canton Tower, the 4th tallest building in the world.

View from the top.

The stadium where the Asian Games were held.

Afterward, we headed to another tourist attraction - Zhu Jiang Jetty to take a ferry. 

Bought some cherries from this man peddling by the road side. The method he used to weigh the cherries is so ancient!

We were waiting for our ferry ride along Pearl River, 广州珠江, which leads all the way to Zhu Hai, connecting Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

On the 2nd night. Time to go home to my babies! Going to take the red-eye flight so I can see them first thing on Monday morning!
Summary of my China trip:

- It's FREEZING. Colder than TW and HK at the same time of the year.
My skin is all chapped and I feel parched and so itchy.

- I can't eat anything without mental images of eating dog meat/ melamine/ unknown additives.

- Their vehicles do not stop for pedestrians.

- Drivers drive recklessly and give the feeling they can get into accidents anytime.

- People smoke ALOT there - in public and even in restaurants while seated right next to you when you're eating.

- They are rowdy and rude and love to spit everywhere.

- Facebook is banned in China, but pornography is not.

- Public toilets are damn filthy. Even those at the airport. The floors of the toilets are always wet.

- I'm definitely not going to China again, probably unless I'm very old and my kids don't want to go traveling with me, then I will join other like-minded old people on tour to climb the Great Wall, or see Terracotta Warriors of Emperor Qin.

- I missed my babies like crazy. I don't think I can ever travel without them again. I'm pathetic.

- It's a wonderful feeling to be back to my (boring) Mummy routine and my lovely children.

There's no place like home. Or... There's no place like China.

P.S. After taking time off work for the entire December, spending quality time with the kids, lazing at home on lull days, celebrating the festivities with my friends and loved ones, I cannot believe the year is finally coming to an end, and my Adam will be going to K1 in a few days' time. 3 days to be exact!!
New year, new responsibilities, new journeys and hitting new milestones with my kids. Am I ready?

Christmas 2013 - Party 3, at my evil twin's house.

Please meet Twinkle, she's my evil twin at work. I remember on the first day I joined my department, she was the most friendly to me, she greeted me with the loudest "Hello! I'm Twinkle!" and we've been best friends at work ever since!
So love this nonsense Aunty whom I always have a topic to chat with - our kids are around the same age (Adam and her younger son Rayden are both 2009 babies), we both have 2 boys, and we love bags, fashion, and talking nonsense.

with Mrs Turkey

I baked these Nutella frosted chocolate cupcakes, don't play play Ok!
My first attempt at rosette piping is a success!!

Francis (Twinkle's husband) is a Christmas baby. Both our hubbies are December babies, can save a lot of $$ on presents HEHE.

P.S. I just got home from my weekend Guangzhou trip with Hubby.
First time travelling without my babies! Will upload that in another post soon.
Happy New Year everyone!!
Can I stay in December forever? It's been a holy macaroni month of traveling, presents, gatherings and not working, spending loads of time with my boys.