Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say Hi to our new pets!

After a rather long and painstaking process, we finally added 8 happy swimmers into our pond.
They are: 3 Kohaku's, 1 yellow Ogon, 1 Sanke, 1 Showa, 1 Ginrin Chagoi, and 1 Tancho Showa, which is my favourite because of the red blotch on its shapely head, white body and black flecks.

Have a zen & happy long weekend folks!


  1. Hi Veron! What did u put to hold the water? Is it expensive? Who did you get to fix this? :)

  2. Hi Serene,
    The whole balcony decking + pond setup cost us about $5.5k.
    The tank alone is $2.6k, maybe plus decking at the rest of the planter box will add up to be $3k.

    It's a customised made-to-measure fiberglass tank, with filter & pump chambers concealed underneath the Chengai wood.

    If you're interested pls visit:
    They are highly recommended as a landscaping company who are professional and really know their stuff.

    FYI, Don & Vanessa Goh from 168B also enquired/engaging them to conceal the planter box and setup a water feature with Buddha statue.
    *** Just say Veron recommended you.. Look for Jazz & Anita. they are very nice.

  3. Hi.. I have been a silent reader to your blog and really enjoy reading it...

    I can't wait to see your whole apt... your balcony area looks great.


  4. Hi Anonymous reader,
    Thank you :) are u one of my neighbors as well?
    If u r do come by to say Hi.

    I'm very broke by all the renovations + furnishings. I'll have to go sell one of my kidneys !!


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