Monday, September 12, 2011

Hook, line and sinker

I'm back from my fishing trip! Believe it or not, it's my 1st time going offshore to somewhere as far as South China Sea!

This is Hub's catch

And this is my fish HAHAHAHAH. Too small cannot be eaten so threw it back to the sea.

Then Hubby got a monster!

It's a loooooong fight!


Our very experienced boatman

It was a great trip to Rompin with Hubby and his friend, Glen.
When I told my boss, she got worried for me and gave me strong SPF80+ water-resistant sunblock and asked if I want any anti-emetics but I bravedly said no to the medicine.

I usually would get extremely nauseated whenever I go on boat rides but this is the first and only time I didn't feel nauseaus and I even enjoyed myself!

Game fishing is a great sport, and here is a must-have for ladies who want to go:
- Bring extra change of clothes
- Bring windbreaker to protect yourself from sea water or peltering (passing) rain
- Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!!

We ended the trip with seafood dinner at Mersing and made our arduous way back.

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