Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our first Xmas

Even though Adam is already 2.5 yo, this will be our first Xmas spent together as a nuclear family unit, and in our first home.
As such, it marks a remarkable occasion for us and I've already fantasized about our very first Xmas tree months ahead!

Tonight, Andy & I went out to buy a 5" tree and some ornaments. It's gonna be a Gold-and-Red Xmas for us this year.
I did some Googling on the internet and found that nurseries actually carry real fir trees. Yeap. Those that you sit in a pot and water them. Real fir vs plastic? We chose plastic in the end because of the practicality. I'm not entirely sure how we're gonna transport it from the nursery and dispose it when it dies because obviously we dont have a fireplace to burn it.

Anyway, back to our plastic tree. Will post up photos of the actual tree when we get down to assembling it.

I'm so excited. Excuse me while I do some cart-wheels!

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