Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be my guest!

Invited my gals over for CNY lunch and celebrating my 31st Birthday at my humble home last week!
They had wanted to celebrate my birthday in advance, since we hardly have time to meet up.
Every year, no matter how busy we are, we make it a point to gather during our birthdays.
This year, however, something different is that I decided to cook for them instead of being given a treat.
This is because 1 of my resolutions this year is to give more, take less.

Really blessed to have these angels in my life, to support me, to love me, to knock sense into me when needed, to guide me when I'm lost.
My tried-and-tested recipe: Oven baked stuffed chicken, and shitake mushrooms with minced meat, chopped tomatoes and cheese.

Using the cashew nuts my Aunt roasted for me, I cooked butter fried rice with raisins and cinnamon. New recipe that I tried today which turned out Ok.

Charmaine made garden salad.

Adam's favourite guests whom he has been asking and talking about the entire day!

My gals gave me a HUGE ANGPAO. Super novel idea!

Charmaine, Clare, Royce and Tommy joining the photo-taking :)

My birthday "cake" was a Lemon meringue tart!

My lovelies!

Prankster gals make me literally count my blessings untillll................
 Thank you for being my friends :)

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