Thursday, May 19, 2016

Adam's Star Wars 7th Birthday, and the *NEW* Walls Paddle Pop Twister review!

Our firstborn just turned 7 on the 17th May and he requested for a Star Wars themed party on the preceding weekend.
Holy macaroni! What a milestone it is for me, having a child enter Primary One and having his own friends whom he wanted invited to his own party.
He's showing increasing signs of independance away from me, and birthdays always make me a tad emotional.

Anyway, back to Adam's party.

As it was a Star Wars theme, all the children dressed to the nines in appropriately-themed attire and everyone brought along their light sabres!

Bunting is Mama-made. I traced the letters using a ruler and made it myself.
It's really not difficult to make, but as a full-time working Mum, it is time-consuming and I had very small pockets of time to do it (when the kids and parrot sleep so nobody can disturb my craft).

The party table came with the buffet catering, cupcake stand, balloons and table cover bought.

Pinnata bought off another mum from Carousell who had it filled but didn't use it in the end.
Her loss my gain!

Halal Star Wars themed cupcakes from a sweet baker who runs the home-based Dania Wati Oven.
Her prices are very affordable and she was so accomodating to my schedule and pick-up, I will definitely be back for more!
I love supporting fellow Mums, so do check out Dania Wati Oven :)

This Millennium Falcon takes the cake - literally!
A massive 2.5KG fondant cake baked for us by Sweet Perfection Singapore.
Annie and Jess have been my go-to bakers for EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. without fail, because they never fail me!
This cake cost me $270 which is very competitive compared to other bakeries which charge an upward of $300.
As you can see, no effort was spared by Sweet Perfection as Annie even included a real light effect!

Thank you Sweet Perfection! Always the baker I can trust :) 

I made blue fruit-cocktail Konnyaku jellies for cooling off in the summer heat and turned out to be a hit with the kids because towards the end of the party there was none left :P

Walls Singapore was uber kind to send me an ice-box filled with their new product: Paddle Pop Twisters.
Just in time for feeding the humans!

Thanks for the neat little ice-box too, we can use it for family picnics in future :)

First Jedi knights to arrive: Alden and Rayden.

The food was from eCreative Catering but I think compared to the first time we ordered from them for Adam's full month, their standards have slided somewhat.
Will source for other caterers next time ;(
P.S. this is just my personal opinion and I'm not sponsored the buffet.

The kids loved playing with Yoda and Yoda was such a champ - he behaved extremely well and didn't nip or bite anyone despite this being his first big event.
Proud of you, Yoda!

My mum and aunt. In the background are my parents-in-law :)

Neighbours! Lucky to have fellow young parents as neighbours so we can never run out of topics and tip-sharing.

Adam's friends gathering for groupie!

Remember back in the day when we saved part of our pocket money for the after-school Mama-shop treat of Paddle Pop Rainbow?
The rich, swirly pastels that melt in our mouths after a sweaty day in school?
Now, Walls has come up with a new flavour, called the Paddle Pop Twister.
Product information:
Get your taste buds hooked on an explosive twist of flavours in the all-
new Paddle Pop Twister!
Dive into a refreshing mix of juicy apples, sweet blackberries and mixed
fruits paired with creamy vanilla for a burst of flavours with every bite.
Recognised as a Healthier Choice by the Health Promotion Board (HPB),
that’s another great reason to hop onto the Twister boat today!
Swirl your Twister adventure at major supermarkets, convenience stores,
petrol marts and mini-marts island-wide.
Retail price:
$1.20 for single; $4.50 for multi-pack of 4.
Unlike the traditional Paddle Pop Rainbow, the Twister tastes more fruity and zesty.
Here's the response of Paddle Pop Twisters in the house that night: 

Thank you Walls for sending us your newest Twister Pops!
As you can see, it was a well-received treat for young and old alike! :)

Thank you family and friends for taking time on your precious weekend to attend Adam's party.
It meant a lot to him, and to us!
He went to bed late that night because he was too excited from all the hustle and bustle, and he requested that I do the same for Ashton's birthday as they really liked the piƱata.

Happy 7th Birthday Adam,
may you grow up to be happy,
to know and love God,
to be successful in your own right,
to be filial to your parents and to serve your community.
Lots of LOVE,
Mum, Dad and Ashton.


  1. Fun theme. The cake looks so good!

  2. Nicely done! Good job, mummy! So cute lar, they use their light sabers to hit the pinata. Haha. Love the cake and cupcakes and bunting!

  3. OMG!! I love your theme, especially the cake!!

  4. What! Faye and Adam share the same birth date! So cool!

    Did I read Parrot? You have a parrot and you've gotta wait for it to sleep? hehehe so cute. Glad everyone had fun. That Star Wars cake caught my eye from Serene's FB post. Very well done but alas, I'm not a fondant fan. hehehe

    I recommend Royal Catering. Try them next time. Highly recommended in fact =)

  5. All the little padawans would be thrilled, I would be more excited than the kids if I attend a Star Wars themed party. Love the Falcon cake and wow ice box PaddlePop :)

    cheers, Andy

  6. I showed my son the Falcon cake and his eyes went big with envy (:

    Mary @ Simply Lambchops

  7. Thumbs up for your effort! I love your blue fruit cocktail jellies most..

  8. OMG the cake! I had to "wa" out loud when I was reading through your post! It's super a lot of effort from you, Veron! Definitely not an easy task to put this entire themed party up.


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