Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Phuket November 2016 - Go-Karting and Upside Down House.

Good morning Phuket! I love your lovely weather.
I shower 3x a day, my kids and I have sand in every crevice of our bodies, but no complains because it beats having our plans cancelled by wet weather.

Traveling with in-laws is always a good idea.
Whenever the big kid gets too difficult to handle, I can always hand him back to his parents :D

On our last day here, we checked out and went for Go-Karting.

Actually, Adam had wanted to drive his own kart but the staff advised us otherwise.
"No insurance!", and he pointed to the "damaged parts price list" pasted on the wall.

Better not risk it!
Perhaps when we next return, Adam.

After Go-Karting, our next destination was the Upside Down House.
It's apparently on the Top-five places to visit in Phuket, why haven't we been there before?!


Behind the Upside Down House lies a 100 sqm garden maze, which our boys insisted on going into.

It is designed by Adrian Fisher, the world's most acclaimed maze designer.

Here comes my Alice in Wonderland moment!

Adam is already running ahead of us, wanting to  beat us in solving the maze.

So long, Upside Down House!
It had been fun posing with all your quirkily-designed furniture layout.


  1. The Upside Down Hse looks like so much fun..will definitely bring my boy if we go Phuket again..thks for sharing!

  2. Oh boy! The house sure looks like fun! Never thought of a trip to Phuket for my family, but this one sure looks like one to shortlist into our travel plan.

  3. Never knew about the existance of upside down house up till now! Extremely interesting! Would definitely like to visitt if we go to Phuket.

    Priscilla // punggolbabies.com

  4. It's been years since I've been to Phuket. Looking at your pictures, it looks like time to plan a trip. Really want to see the Upside Down House. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Eoah the upsode down house is huge!!

  6. What an interesting place. The Go-karting and that upside down house place. Certainly makes Phuket more interesting than sand, sea and surf. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm going to Phuket next month! The upside down house looks fun!

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  8. We went to Phuket six year back and it was a wonderful experience. Actually never knew about the upside down house.

  9. Upside Down House looks so much fun. Saw something on the similar lines in Compass One Mall's Christmas deco...


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