Sunday, December 29, 2019

Beijing December 2019 - PART TWO

On Day 2, our private tour guide Jerry brought us to the Great Wall (Mutianyu section), which is about 1.5hr - 2hr drive away from Beijing city.

Did you know? 
The total length of the Great Wall of China is 21,196.18km.
It took more than 2000 years to build the Great Wall, between 770BC - 1633AD, completed over many stages and several dynasties and leaderships, with most work done during the Ming Dynasty.
There are about 10 most popular sections of the Great Wall of China.
1) the best-restored, Mutianyu, 2) the most beautiful, Jinshanling, 3) the wildest, Jiankou, 4) Simatai, 5) Huanghuacheng, 6) Gubeikou, 7) Juyongguan, 8) Huangyaguan, 9) Shanhai Pass, and by far the most crowded 10) Badaling.
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Mutianyu Section is the most restored part of the Great Wall and most child-friendly.
There are toilet stops along the way, there are drink stalls where you can buy overpriced drinks and souvenirs.
You can also toboggan down at the end which our kids enjoyed thoroughly.

Please ignore my unruly children in the foreground, I would really like to highlight that this Lily's Souvenir shop is a rip-off and there are other stalls as you walk further down that allows you to haggle prices if you are nice & buy a few items.

November and December is a great time to visit as it is not crowded and you don't get photobombers or queue very long to get on the Ski lifts and toboggan rides.

Ashton was a real trooper who was the only kid that walked the most of the section, while the rest gave up and went to the starting point to hide from the cold. Looks like he's the worthy one who can go to Nepal with us some day LOL

We ended the Great Wall tour with some piping hot steamboat using copper pots when we finally got back into Beijing city.
Dong Lai Shun is Halal so it is suitable for Muslim travellers.

With our guide Jerry. 
He's highly rated on Trip Adviser and was a really friendly and accommodating chap, putting in mind our kids' endless needs and not compromising our itinerary. 

Thank you for the 2 days of fun and carefully planned itinerary Jerry!

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