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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday: Baby Kai goes to his cousin's 1st

The Birthday girl:

Baby Kai & his Great Grandma!

Playing with cousin Emily

Kai's pretty cousin Emily

Emily with her mommy Irin (my cousin)

Happy family shot: Cousin Irin, Edward & their precious girl Emily

Trucks and cranes: it's a boys' thing.

Kai's cousin Jiale, elder brother of Birthday girl Jiahui

The moo moo cake

Thanks for the great food and fun time, Baby Kai enjoyed himself very much!
After the party, we brought him to RW. More about that in another post!

Laundry service

I'm gonna show this pic to his gf next time LOL
On a bright and happy Sunday morning, Mummy's lil darling is helping with the laundry. Hahaha!
Can you see the heap of clothes in the background? That's what life with a baby is - not worth getting upset about dishes not washed, laundry not done. Guess we just have to buy more clothes! LOL
Baby Kai has taught us to lighten & loosen up and not sweat the small stuff :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before we knew it

Our weekend came and went before we could even catch our breath, but it was a great weekend with rain and cooling weather :D
We managed to get some chores done as well - sent the car for repair of rims and full grooming; bought ingredients for some diaper cakes I'm going to bake this month, brought Baby Adam back to my parents' place for dinner, went to have my haircut.

My lil munchkin enjoying some time playing on his own before we went out:

So cheerful, so happy. He lights up our lives :)

A 2-tier diaper cake done! This is for Adam's cousin's 1st Birthday the coming Sunday (28 March).

I have another 2 more diaper cakes to bake, all girlsssssss! All for Adam's cousins :)
It is so fun shopping for girly frocks and pretty shoes for baby girls, even though they aren't for mine. I wish I have a daughter as well!
I don't bake Diaper Cakes for profit, only for my family & friends, however if you wanna DIY a diaper cake, feel free to drop a comment or email me at I will be more than happy to help you with baking one!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another busy week

Happy one-month-older to Baby Kai today!
Time flies, in 2 month's time my Baby is officially a Tod!

I've been super busy again all of a sudden, with lots of errands to run after work, and meeting to attend which dragged on till an hour after my official knock-off time.
I also can't believe how tough it is to maintain short hair.
I need a haircut again, barely only 3 weeks since I last cut my concave bob!

This weekend is gonna be another of those busy weekends:
- Drop Kai off at my folks'
- Go for haircut in Orchard
- Andy to send car for repair (didn't manage to get it done last week due to longgg waiting Q)
- Prepare for next week's classes
- Andy has wedding dinner to attend next Monday which I have to miss due to class (which translates to Mummy having to go home after class to look after Baby Kai)

If we're really lucky, and if time permits, we wanna go to Universal Studios!