Thursday, January 15, 2009

Antenatal Checkup

Went for another of my antenatal checkups with Dr Don.
He is sucha jovial fellow, easing all my fears and anxiety.
Baby's bigger now - weighs approx 310gm - and VERY active.

He was flinging his hands as if he was fighting imaginary monsters, and when Dr Don prodded his legs and lower body, he was kicking about and used one hand to touch his toes.
Dr Don asked if I can feel baby's movements, which I should be able to feel tickling sensations.
Good thing is - my urine test and blood pressure are normal.
Which means I dont have gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia. *touch wood*

Not so good thing is - I only put on 400gm from the last visit. I'm now 47.5kgs, which actually to me is quite ALOT of weight already since pre-pregnancy me only weighed 41kgs!
Dr Don advised me to eat more and drink lots of water - all of which I do...

Andy had to miss this appointment which makes me very disappointed because he NEVER misses our obstetrician appts. But today was bad timing as he was caught in bad jam and had missed all of our bb's antics and circus acts.

Maybe we should buy one of those ultrasound machines and put at home.

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