Friday, February 6, 2009

Feelings of a Pregnant Mom

I took MC today to sleep in late and to go shopping later.
It's one of those days when it feels good to be reckless in life once a while.

These days, I get tired easily and I cant walk as fast as I used to because my lower back hurts and I hate to admit, but I think I waddle a little. Yikes!
I cant concentrate fully at work and tend to be forgetful.
And I feel lonely at home especially in the few hours when Andy leaves for work and I'm alone with the dogs doing nothing. Saying Goodbye is the hardest thing these days.
However, on the good side, I enjoy it when we hug or lay in bed, with our baby kicking/boxing between us. It's fun to watch my tummy because if we're lucky, we can see it jump or twitch.Andy put his hand on my tummy and our baby kicked/boxed him.
It's all good entertainment!

My family, friends and colleagues also admiringly touch my tummy and talk to it which is really amusing.
My workplace is a nice environment to work in because everyone is female and they willingly share experiences with me like how one colleague her breasts shrunk after breastfeeding her daughter etc.
My aunt has been enthusiastically thinking of Chinese names for the baby.
My mates Charmaine & Meena have been giving me advice on post-natal massage, stretchmark prevention etc. I have been pestering them about advice for stretch-marks, massage ladies as if they have given birth a dozen times Hehe

And Charmaine promptly passed me Chris' (the baker) contact because Chris just gave birth to a baby girl and she sure knows all the baby stuff.Gosh I dont even know what's in or out. I feel so outdated!
And we havent even started shopping for baby cos I dont know where to start.
Everyone I love and care about are so involved and it makes me feel happy to have the support.

Afterall, pregnancy is a stressful time for any woman due to the changes in mind/body so it's important to have support.
Sometimes I get depressed and cry to Andy, saying my vagina will never be the same anymore, and my boobs will shrink to prunes after breastfeeding, I will become so unattractive, I dont enjoy sex that much anymore etc.
But thankfully he has been really kind, assuring me that pregnancy makes a woman whole, and he prefers me with more curves to when I was whippet-thin.

Ok more later. Or perhaps next week after my next Obstetrician appt.
Ciao~ *love*

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