Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls' date @ St. Regis

Spent a lovely afternoon with my bestie-cum-neighbour-cum-gossip monger bff Charmaine having High tea.
Our men can never justify spending the amount of $$ on pastries and tea, but that's the whole plan isn't it, to have some girly time away from the boys ;)

I miss all these girly dates so much but we just cannot find time to accomodate everyone, especially with our difference in work schedules, families etc, it just makes meeting up for the occasional Tai-tai session more scarce, but not entirely impossible!
We had a splendid afternoon sipping old English tea and watching the world roll on by in slow motion.

From this Sunday onwards, Charm would have completed her house-shifting and we can shout profanities at each other across our balconies! *whips out binoculars*

I'm trying to grow out my hair again, and a bow headband to keep my tresses in check is just what I need :)

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