Monday, October 17, 2011

Building our green balcony

The balcony is arguably my favourite hangout in our home, and we are constantly thinking of ways to add on to the green facade.

Last Sunday, we gave these plants a new home.

Our pond is now home to 12 Koi fishes now, who are overfed by our dear son and super greedy, always begging for food ;p

Relaxing in the zen garden, sipping coffee and burying my head in a good read... The simple pleasures in life.


  1. Hi really like your balcony...I aso bought a DBSS at Yishun & will TOP in yr then can i contact you by email for more reno ideas & contacts?my email is

  2. Hi sishu007, my personal email is

    You may contact me to ask for contacts :)
    What's the name of your project??

  3. Hi Veron , my new home is adora green :-)
    aso have balcony which is abt same size as yrs
    thks in advance first!!

  4. I went to Google Adora green and the photos are so gorgeous :)
    Which layout/bedder did u get?? There are some with balconies in MBR

  5. hi i chose C2 layout , i want the balcony bigger so i chose MBR without balcony one :-)


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