Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Shangri-La wedding

It feels so surreal - I can't quite bring myself to believe that my crazy gal-pal said "I Do" tonight and vowed the rest of her life to KW... but not without her signature crying... on stage... on mic.... Charmaine why you always cryyyyyy???? Hahahahaha

People asked me how I knew the bride. Ours is such a simple yet complicated friendship.
We started from being online friends on dog forums, then we became shopping/gossiping buddies, we are a trio of sisters (Meena, Charm & I), and we even bought units in the same project, making us neighbours. We fought, we cried, we made up and we went back to square one.

I wish my friend/sister/neighbour a new journey into love and happiness, building on the beautiful family that she so deserves to have :)


  1. Awwww... So touched... Look more like D&D or prom night laa.. Why no bride's pics?! Lols -Maine

  2. Maine: I'm waiting for your table pics ma. Who ask u whole night so busy nvr come take pics w us. By the time u came Meena Aunty left le. Alamaksss..
    Don't worry we can always dress up and take pics again if u wan LOL!


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