Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Batam - Dec 2011

We followed my MIL to spend Xmas with her brother in Batam.
It was Adam's first time boarding a ferry to Batam (even though he's already took a ferry ride to Macau) and now that he is old enough to understand what a ferry ride is, he was understandably very excited.

He's been telling everyone that he's going to "ride a boat" but when he finally boarded the ferry, he fell asleep and by the time he woke up, we docked. Poor boy was so disappointed that he "didnt" get to take his boat ride that he cried.

At Andy's uncle's house

Happy Boxing Day

Kelong seafood

Stopping for coffee and yogurt at nearby mall

Self-entertaining kiddo

MIL and her brother

cheeky monkey

While waiting for us to finish sucking our crab claws, licking fish bones and pigging out, Adam sang himself a Happy Birthday song and blew out his "candles on a cake" HAHAHAHA my silly boy is bored.

I spent 2 full days without warm water to bathe in, no internet, no wi-fi, no gadgets.... but had lots of spicy food, kelong seafood and more seafood. Until I became sick, literally!
And we nearly couldnt make it back because no more ferries! We managed to get the last ferry home and by the time we cleared customs and got home, it was already 11.30pm. I took a long warm bath and crashed. My own home never felt this good.
I'm now on MC trying to recover from fever and sore throat. Bummer!

Need to get well soon so that I can enjoy my Taipei trip this weekend :)

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