Saturday, December 10, 2011

Potty Training

Aside from learning to walk and talk, every tiny person has to conquer another major milestone - TOILET TRAINING.
Potty training a 2 year old is quite a challenge - and I have to start asap since Adam is starting Nursery in a month's time so the clock is really ticking!

This is his very first potty, ain't it the cutest toilet bowl you've ever seen?!

What I do is, when we are at home, I will remove his diaper and let him go cold turkey.
Prior to potty training, he is able to tell us after he has already pooped so I am just going one step backward and hoping to "catch" his magical moment before the deed is done!

When his pee is trickling out to wet his pants, he will exclaim to us "Kaikai pee!" So we will make a mad dash to the potty. And thus far, he has only succeeded peeing in his potty ONCE.
The other not-so-successful time was when he had his weener pointing outwards the potty so although he was sitting on the potty, he was actually making a golden fountain. *sweat big time*

When I house-broke my 2 dogs with much ease, I thought that it was going to be easy with my own kid since I had "hands-on experience". Well, guess what?? BOOO, Veron!
No wonder so many parents buy story books on Potty-training and there are so many videos of Potty-training on Youtube.

That's why people always advise it's better to have kids while you are still young otherwise where to find all the energy to do all these things man.
Good luck to me!

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