Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 - the beginning.

2012 has been big and busy for us thus far. We just came back from Taiwan, and the photos are taking FOREVER to load on Picasa.

Adam officially starts Nursery. That's right! My baby is going to official school now!! He's my forever baby, no doubt he's turning 3 in 4 month's time, but still the thought of my pesky little baby who still can't use the potty / sleep on his own/who wants me to be there all the time, well it's just very hard to stomach the fact.

He's attending school at Learning Vision which is at my workplace, so every morning Andy drops me off to work and Adam off to school (I can't deal with the fighting and crying when we need to part). In the evenings, my FIL comes to fetch us home.
The first week has ended, and has been full of emotions for Adam, especially since he still hasn't gotten used to the new environment, new friends and new teachers. When asked, he replies that his friends have no names, and his teachers have no names. That's NOT true of course! But it's just his way of expressing that he hasn't gotten used to them yet.
Poor kid.

As for us adults, the grandparents get the weekend duty which allows me plenty of time to catch up on lost sleep, and my me-time.
Ok I'm feeling lethargic just typing this post. I need to go sleep now. (even though I just woke up an hour ago)... Zzzzzzz

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