Friday, January 27, 2012

About living as married couple

Apart from keeping seperate bank accounts, Andy & I also keep seperate toilets. Yes - we have a His & Her toilet in our household.
He has very graciously accepted the master bedroom toilet as his, whirlpool and all, while I humbly take the common toilet as mine. No issues with me, since I've used the tub less than 5 times since its installation. Adam obviously uses it more than the 2 of us combined.
Taking the common toilet also means I have one less bathtub to scrub.
Most importantly, I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee and find myself rudely awakened by sitting on drops of yellow PEE on the toilet bowl rims!!!!!

I take pride in my toilet. There is always soap and perfume available, and it's always clean.
This evening, I happened to walk past Andy's toilet to the MBR to get clothes when a whiff of AMONIA attacked my sensitive nasal passages. This calls as a crisis which cannot wait till the part-time helper arrives.
I went to Andy's toilet to check it out and found out that his toilet bowl is filthy and pee-stained and I had to hold my breath and scrub the toilet bowl. All for my adorable husband. This man must have a bladder in overdrive to turn a whole toilet bowl yellow. Ever heard of "Love me, love my dog?" *hysterical laughter*

Marriage is hard work I tell ya.
And my point? I dont know what my point is after all this typing because I'm dead tired and wish to sleep this instant.
But I wanna say - Andy is a filthyshitbag and I'm the one who is an angel. That's my point. The end.

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