Monday, September 24, 2012

Errands day

Spent my morning running errands. Being confined at home for the past month, I had lots of backlogged stuff to mail out / collect.
Picked up my haul - 2 pairs of skinny jeggings from New Future at $25/ea
and royal blue dress from
Tracyeinny. Dress here.
SGD$30 only.
Outfit: Cream sequin blouse from MNG
Red shorts from MNG
Red watch from Fendi
Beige bag: Chanel GST
Beige flats: Ferragamo

And finally!

I finally went to campus to pick up my Degree. Entering the familiar grounds and meeting my administrator, it was an emotional time for me. While all my cohort classmates have already attended their graduation, I had to give it a miss because of my pregnancy.
The delay has been almost a year.

Holding my hard-earned Degree, I feel the greatest pride and sense of achievement.
Thank you my dearest Husband and my beloved family, for all your help and support, for being with me in this journey.
From the time Adam was a wee infant to when he was two years old, that was how long my Part-time studies took.
I worked Full-time and studied Part-time. I rushed from work to evening classes and survived on sandwiches in the lecture halls. When classes ended, I rushed home from Clementi campus all the way back to Tampines to be with my precious baby.
Some nights when I came home, he was already asleep, when I left for work in the mornings he was not awake yet.
There were days where he didn't get to see me even though we lived under the same roof. It was hard.

Being a wife, a full-time working Mom, and a student was very tough, but it was my goal and I was determined to achieve it. And I did.

Today, I finally get to hold and caress it in my arms like a baby. Thank you once more Hubby, Adam and my family. Without you all, it wouldn't have been possible.

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