Tuesday, November 12, 2013

School excursion: SEA Aquarium, RWS.

I accompanied Adam on his school field trip to SEA Aquarium today.
It was an exhausting but enriching experience for Adam and I alike.
Really salute the teachers for their diligence and dedication in ensuring the excursion was a fun and educational trip for the children.
I don't think I can survive one day being a pre-school teacher!
All that shouting instructions, keeping the children orderly, making sure nobody gets lost inside the dark aquarium..... no mean feat.
On the other hand, I really treasured my opportunity to go with Adam. As a matter of fact, I would never have made it today if not for Adam's teacher calling me up to go.
At least now I get to witness how Adam behaves in the presence of his peers and figures of authority.
All in all a good experience.

I'm clearing my leave and spending more time with the children.
They are simply growing up too fast.
It's really not easy juggling family and work and trying to find the balance.
I may not be the best mother in the world. Some days I feel motivated, some days I feel lazy.
There are even days when I feel resentful and tempted to give the kids away for a small token.
But at the end of the day, I try my best to be the best Mummy I can be to my kids.

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