Sunday, November 3, 2013

A trip to Science Centre.

After some weeks of deliberating, which I also cannot remember why, we finally made our trip to Science Centre today.
I've not been there in decades since my school excursions in Primary school!
Adam wanted to see Dinosaurs, which was mainly the reason why we were there.

There's a water play area for kids as well so bring along your towels and extra clothes

What is Adam scrutinising ?

Creepy crawlies!

He was most fascinated with these infrastructure-building stuff so we ended up buying a set.
He refused to leave and there we were, armed with $56 worth of tickets to the Dinosaur exhibit and he didn't want to go.
So we promised him we would go back to this after the exhibit and if he still liked them we would buy one (which he did).
And guess who was the one who ended up fixing the tiny parts back home?

Inside "Titans of the past" exhibit 

By the time we got to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Adam was afraid and kept bugging us to leave.
He said the dinosaurs were huge and scary and they would eat us if we stood too closely.
We were done with the exhibition in less than 40 minutes.
Sorry dinosaurs, looks like we won't be missing you anytime soon.

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