Sunday, June 1, 2014

June holidays 2014 part 2: Visit to Farmart.

Hello from the animals of Farmart!

Adam hand-feeding the conures. Lovely birds :)

We brought the kids to Farmart today. Having not been there for many years after I shifted from Woodlands (my mum's) to the eastern side of Singapore, I must say sometimes, oldies are goodies.
Am glad that most of the anchor shops are still around, like Uncle William's, which sells farm fresh chicken and quail eggs. The petshop which sells chicks and quail chicks is also still around.

I remember when I was little, my mum bought us chicks in a brown paper bag. My brothers and I reared them till they were big and we barter-traded them for vegetables at a nearby kampong farm.
Yes those were the days! I am still very much a kampong girl at heart! Which means, I am really tempted to buy the quail chicks home!!
Kids of this era do not have the luxury of being surrounded by nature and animals, and that is a shame.
At the end of the animal-feeding session, Adam was already complaining of how hot it was, and kept pestering me to buy him a glass of ice Milo. Brat.

My Mom-in-law bought some farm eggs from Uncle William's, and we left after a quick lunch.
The weather was indeed very unforgiving, and I was dying for some ice cold drink myself.
Here's the website for Farmart. They have eateries and shops that sell their produce and even a prawn fishing corner. Do support our local businesses :)

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