Sunday, June 15, 2014

[Sponsored event] Vaby official launch at Rochester House.

If you enjoy receiving monthly sample boxes with lots of different products for you to try, here's a new kid on the subscription-box block - VABY!
It will officially be launched on the 28 June, so we got invited to a nice preview brunch on Vaby.
The event was brilliantly held at Rochester House, with almost half the venue being children-themed.
There are trampolines, a water play area, and indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Bloggers who attended the event get a welcome pack each!

Listening to Eliz and Shirley brief us on the Vaby boxes, age group suitability for products, and different vendors involved.

Everybody so serious!

The range of baby and mummy stuff to expect in the Vaby box is making me excited!
After the briefing, yummy lunch was served.

Mum-blogger Serene ( and I. It's such a small world because I "know" Serene not from blogging but from the use of Young Living Essential oils!
The world is just a small little circle!
*sudden realization: I think Serene looks like a tan version of Anita Mui! with her hair, sharp nose and face.. LOLssss.
Adam, Ashton, Andy and I had a dandy time at Rochester House this morning meeting up with the other Mummy bloggers for the event.
Thank you Shirley and Eliz for inviting us. It's been an honour!
Stay tuned for the official launch of Vaby which is happening on the 28 June!
However, that weekend we will be at LEGOLAND and therefore have to give the launch a miss.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to using and reviewing the products from Vaby boxes!
UPDATE! You're invited to VABY's Official Launch on 28 June, which is happening next Saturday!!
credit: VABY
***All you need to do is to simply REGISTER HERE, and then LIKE Vaby's Facebook page HERE.
You will be given a Vaby box on that day (limited to one box per attendee) and your kids get to play at the Playhouse for free!

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