Monday, September 8, 2014

My kampong kids get down and dirty in Kluang, MalaysiaL Day 2.

Welcome to Day 2 of our UK Farm stay.

Adam loves this horse and claims her as his. He would go horse-riding all day if we allowed him to! 

Ashton waiting for Korkor to be done so we could go to the Mini Zoo.

Look who's bored?

Mini zoo, archery and sheep challenge.

The Mini zoo was quite unlike any other small-animal compound we've been to locally.
We were free to wander around the enclosure with the fowl and the kids even had first-hand experience of being up close and personal with nesting ducks and hens.
Of course, we did not allow the children to touch the mothers-to-be, just close enough to see, but still Adam and Ashton were very amused as they've never seen hens and ducks lay eggs before.
Heck, even we have not seen anything like this before.

After the visit to Mini zoo, we went back to the goat shed for more feeding, as per the children's requests!

This time, Ashton is enjoying himself bottle-feeding the kids, as compared to the previous day he was terrified of them.

It was soon time to end our stay at UK Farm.
Bye bye animals and the lovely, friendly staff!
Especially to Tang, who coordinated with me via phone and email and was so understanding and accommodating (as I said, this was my first time planning a family trip!)

Thank you for the hospitality. We hope to visit again!

If you have time to spare, it is highly recommended to drop by Zenxin Organic farm on your way back since it very near UK Farm.

That's the end of our Kluang road-trip.
Another destination to plan with your kids if you don't want to go too far.
Short trips are excellent for parents because you can pack light and not worry about the stress of taking a plane with the children.
If you pack snacks and plan ample toilet and food breaks in between your drive (for those with young children), road-tripping is indeed loadsa fun!

We hope we will be back some time next time!

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