Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My kids are the most annoying farts in the universe.

I'm convinced that I have the most ungrateful children in this whole wide world.

Last night, Adam was running a fever and I stayed up the entire night sponging/ oiling/ feeding water/ TCM/ Panadol, getting up umpteen times bringing him to pee, and attending to his million needs.

I ended up being a zombie this morning and couldn't go to work because my head felt like it was floating and my body felt like it was gravity-defying.
I seriously thought I might collapse in a heap.

Instead of getting plenty of rest and letting me get plenty of rest, the kids are now fighting over the same stupid toys, passing germs, refusing to sleep, giggling on the mattress and getting up and prancing around the house. These, despite my nagging for 540783 times.
My head, at this point in my life, is about to explode.


I should never have had children, and spend all my time and money going on dates and looking fabulous.

Tonight, NOBODY is getting any TV or toy time. The end.

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