Monday, February 16, 2015

Stay-at-home-son no more.

In the first week of February, I took leave and had dreamed of spending my days sleeping in till noon, going for high tea, doing CNY-shopping, getting my hair and nails done.
Except I did none of those.
My mornings were chaotic trying to get both kids dressed and out of the house on time and settling into The Routine.

You see, the last chick in my nest has started nursery and I'm feeling a little bit sad.
My Stay-at-home-son no longer. I'm like a Mother hen who wants to keep all her chicks in her nest. I get clucky when they start growing up and spending collectively more time away from my nest. At the rate they are growing, I will need new babies to replace them every other year.

Anyway, Ashton took to school like a champ, which made my panicky worries come to nought. That's how my last chick is - good-natured and "easy peasy lemon squeezy" (quote Adam).
He's the kind any mother would love to bring out on errand-runs and meal dates because he's non-fussy and totally compliant to your instructions.
Needless to say, I love both my chicks but I'm extremely fond of this last chick of mine.

Here's a photo of both my chickadees on a school morning:
Adam is sulking because I had literally extricated him from his bed,

Both of them were running late and Adam even missed his school bus because I woke up late, because I woke up at 4am to pee and stayed up surfing Facebook till 6am before dozing off again.
Both kids start at 0830am so Hubby and I dropped Ashton off to his childcare first so that he wouldn't miss his breakfast, then Adam to his Kindy for his (late) assembly.

In case you're wondering, both boys are in different schools because Adam finds the hours at childcare too long for him. He doesn't nap and prefers to go home to play and do his stuff (watch TV/ play iPad) instead of being confined in an institution all day.

Andy accuses me of spoiling the kids but I'm the sort of parent who will listen to what my kids want. Even if they're only 3 years old.
Certain things are non-negotiable to me, such as safety and manners. Other than that, I'm really easy on the kids.

I did offer to transfer him to the same childcare as Ashton, but he rejected the idea.
"What if Ashton has no friends?" I asked Adam.
"Then he has to make friends or be lonely!" came Adam's reply. 
Adam is a little non-conformational like me. I can totally emphasize with this boy. I let him choose his school since he's the one attending it and it's been win-win so far. If I had insisted on making him adapt to childcare, we might lose our minds.

I'm quite a softy and probably not the best disciplinarian in the family.
If you're thinking of getting someone to adopt your dog/ cat/ tortoise/ kids, that someone would be me.
Speaking of which, the other day I tried to convince the husband we could adopt another dog - a Golden Retriever. He asked if we could have sex on alternate days. I said could we not, I'll be more tired than anything. He then finished off with "There, you have your answer".
Oh my wickedly funny husband. I'm trying hard not to want to smack him at times.

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