Friday, March 18, 2016

March holidays: exploring Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park.

Ever since Adam entered Primary one, school holidays are like Godsend to me.
When he was in kindergarten, school holidays were such a torture as having him home the entire time seemed such a nightmare.
Now, I look forward to having him home so much! No more waking up before the sun rises.
No more spelling to learn, homework to do. Which means Mummy can relax. YAY!

Today, Serene and I brought our boys to Bedok Reservoir Park for the tree-top climbing, Forest Adventure.

Getting there:
Park at Carpark A, opposite Aquarius Condominium.
From the carpark, walk towards your right.
You will walk past the kayak Water-Venture centre, just continue walking ahead and you will see Forest Adventure hut.
It is about 10 minutes' walk.
We reached at 0930am, just nice for our first slot of the day booking.

forest adventure bedok reservoir
The Kids Course looks daunting already to me.

forest adventure bedok reservoir
Adam and Xavier were all smiles until they got to the top and Adam had cold feet and chickened out.
No amount of coaxing from the instructor nor me made him want to go at it! *horror of horrors*
In the end, I let Adam come down and the kind instructor, CS, let Ashton put on the harness and have a try at the Mini Course.

forest adventure bedok reservoir
As Ashton was quietly observing below the tree canopy the whole time while Serene babysat him and I had to go up there to encrouage Adam, I was quite worried that Ashton may be afraid like his brother.
Much to my astonishment however, he took to it like a champ.
My baby boy just went and went, all on his own!

Thug-life expression says it all about this child of mine.

forest adventure bedok reservoir
I did not force Adam to go and I did not chide him for being timid/ useless/ scaredy-cat compared to his brother etc. I just let him decide on his own whether he wanted to do it again ot stop.

But seeing that his younger brother had completed the course on his own, Adam felt a little indignant and wanted to try again, so Ashton went another round in front of Adam to encrouage him.

On the other course....

More kids have joined us by 10.30am

Xavier is the one in fluorescent green and he enjoyed himself so much he went a second round.

forest adventure bedok reservoir
After completion, everyone gathered for cold drinks and a popsicle for Xav :)

A certificate for my happy threenager who did so well today.
I'm proud of you my boy!

termite nest bedok reservoir
On the way walking back to the car, the kids stopped several times.
On one occasion, they found some twigs which they used as boomerangs/ rifles/ broom (it had leaves attached).

On another occasion, they found a termite nest.

We tried prodding it and it's surprisngly very hard! Like a rock!

termite nest bedok
Not all termites are bad. Now we know.

Overall, I find this course very good for children as it builds their self-confidence and improves hand/eye coordination and gross motor skills.
It is also great fun outdoors, something different from the usual indoor playground setting my kids are so used to.
I will bring them again because Adam said he would like to try and conquer the course again.

If you are interested in bringing your kids for the Forest Adventure, do take note the minimum height requirement is 1m tall for Mini Course, and 1.1m tall for Kids Course.

The Grand Course for adults is open everyday except Mondays and PH.
However, the Kids Course and Mini Course open on weekends from 1pm to 6pm and during school and public holidays from 9.30pm to 6pm. Last departure is at 5.00pm.

Kids course: $35/child per hour.
Adult accompanying on Kids course: $20/ adult.
Mini course: $15/child.
Additional hour: $10.

Please call 81007420 to enquire.


  1. Something that's been on my to-do list for a long time! I tried out Climbmax at Sentosa recently.. that was really fun too! But I think not as kid-friendly..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Hi Ai, we got an instructor who wasn't very encrouaging as Adam was scared and refused to go (it was our first time). When I suggested to go up the course with him, the instructor named Elroy made me go pay up first before I could proceed when I suggested to pay later as Adam was stuck up there.
      In the end, even though I went up, Adam chickened out so we had no choice but to come down.

      I think other than this Elroy guy, the other instructors were all great. This guy named CS and a Malay lady named Fitra (spelling?) were really nice.
      CS let Ashton try out for free because Adam didn't attempt. He was flexible and accomodating.

      If it is a child's first time and he/she is scared, it is better to try from Mini Course first instead of going straight to Kids Course, and of course, may Lady Luck be smiling on you to get a great instructor :)


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