Monday, March 21, 2016

[media invite] Singtel launches Netflix.

Ever heard of Netflix?
Me neither.
Therefore when the PR company for Singtel and Netflix contacted me for this media event, I thought maybe I should go to keep myself updated because we have Singtel Mio TV at home.
Moreover, Hubby was keen to attend.

As a matter of fact, I don't ever turn on the TV at home as the control is always monopolized by Hubby or the kids.
While I don't object to the kids watching TV, I also limit the kids' screen time. For eg, they only watch maximum 30 min of cartoon on school days if they have completed all their tasks early including bathing and brushing up for bed.
Hey, my brothers and I grew up watching TV and playing Nintendo games and we turned out fine, I think! LOL

Arrived at the event venue, Amazonia indoor playground at Great World City, right on time.

My boys are nowhere to be seen as they made a beeline to the playground before I could even say "Go".

Found Adam right on top. It was very dark and I forgot to use the flash.

Went to the party room to attend the media briefing.

With our same hairstyle and parting, I think Ashlyn and I look like twins! LOLsssss

Spot any familiar faces? :D

Learning how to use Netflix on other media platforms besides TV.

We played games and our team won 2nd prize!
From left to right: Jolin from The Js Arena, myself, and Ashlyn from Ashlyn Thia blog, Darryn from Singtel Media :)

So, for the uninitiated (like myself), what exactly is Netflix?
Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV shows, started in 2007 in America.

What devices can I use to stream Netflix?
You can watch instantly from any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix app, such as a computer, gaming console, DVD or Blu-ray player, HDTV, set-top box, home theater system, phone or tablet.

How much does Netflix subscription cost in Singapore?
$10.98/ month (standard definition + 1 concurrent screen eg mobile phone or iPad)
$13.98/ mth (high definition and two concurrent screens)
$16.98/ mth (ultra high definition and four concurrent sceens).

Here's more about Netflix on Singtel...

If you sign up or re-contract with Singtel between now till 22 July 2016, you can get:
a) 3 months complimentary Netflix Standard HD Content subscription for Mobile plans or Fibre broadband plans.

b) 6 months complimentary Netflix Standard HD Content Subscription if you re-contract or sign up for Fibre broadband + TV (like Mio).

c) 9 months complimentary Netflix Standard HD Content if you re-contract or sign up for Fibre broadband, TV, and mobile plans.

* For parents with children under 12, you can set 4 different types of parental controls: Little kids, Older kids, Teens, Adults.

**There is no contract requirement for Netflix, and customers are free to cancel after the free subscription has ended.

Not a Singtel customer?
I have good news for you! Get free 1 month's trial access simply by going to Netflix website and signing up an account.

Read more about Netflix on Singtel website :)

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