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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Precious moments

Baby A loves doing things on his tummy these days, and I get tired just looking at him doing endless push-ups! Isn't it too early to start training for NS??
He seems to be enjoying it though :)

This week, I've started him on CARROTS.
I'm going to introduce him new foods week by week. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends introducing one new food over a period of 2-3 days but some intolerances show up only later therefore I'd rather be conservative and wait 1 week.

By the way, Baby A doesnt sleep much during the day, he can sustain very well on 20-min cat naps therefore, it's hard to get much done around the house with a highly explorative Baby A.
Napping for Mummy & Grandma is a luxury only to be fantasized about.
I wonder how long I can hold out without caving in to my temptation to buy the Exersaucer or Jumperoo though I know it is NOT recommended for babies!

P.S. Speaking of Exersaucer, Mummy asked Aunty Meena to help check out the price of Evenflo Exersaucer at Baby Hypermart and our dearest Aunty promptly went to the Feeding section to look for an "accessory to put sauce in" !!!! *ROFL*
P.S.S. We love weekends!
Daddy A is going for his haircut in Orchard, and Mummy has cancelled her appointment with Aunty Charmaine for lashes and waxing, so we'll be bringing Baby A to Orchard for some Xmas shopping.
I hope there will be mad sales everywhere in the Takashimaya Baby Dept!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Adam's 3rd Vaccination

Cheeky Mon-mon!

The clinic:
Fake trees and playground with toys strewn everywhere, with children playing merrily on the Little Tikes slide & swing. What a Dreamland! How great it is to be a kid :)

PoPo with Cheeky Baby.

Nowadays, he wants to grab and pull everything in sight!
You can tell how mischevous he is, and can imagine how we're all kept on our toes, cant you?

After his 6-in-1 and Pneumococcal jabs, we went to Long House at Thomson for lunch then headed home for some much needed wind-down.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Once Baby Kai has acquired a new skill, he would keep repeating it.
He has learned how to roll, so his free time is spent rolling and rolling. In fact, he rolls over better than the dogs do it!

Today I'm on sick leave. I had the runs and it's really not easy to have to look after a baby when you are sick.
I left Baby Kai in his cot because there are few occasions where he nearly rolled off the bed!
And I happily went about doing the chores of washing his bottles and preparing his cereal in the kitchen when I heard him yell..
When I rushed into the room, there he was, his both legs stuck in between the grills of his cot and he couldnt roll back.

I dont know whether to laugh or to cry..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grand Aunt

Aunt LY comes over during her free time to help Andy's mum babysit Baby A.

She sings to him...

plays with him...

and talks to him...

She is a godsend.

A random photo at home which Daddy A captured of Baby A playing with his saliva.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Recent going-ons.

Met up with my babes Charmaine & Chris (and our respective men plus babies) and had a dandy good dinner at Swensen's ION.
I would like to comment that the Nursing Room @ ION is 6-star with its Pigeon warmer, hot & lukewarm water dispenser, chair, changing station and air-humidifier! *loves*

Talk about multi-tasking!

Dinner was great. We had a good time catching up and discussing Exersaucers, Haenim play yard and feeding.

Time for dear Charm & KW to start their training for their Dragon baby.
PS. Kaikai is available for your kind babysitting services!

Nat looking sweet as candy in her pinky frock. Makes me want a daughter as well!

Thanks babes for the great company!
I'll be meeting Charmaine next weekend to check ourselves in for a day of girl-time and full-grooming. We'll be going to get our lashes extended and go for my 1st Brazilian Wax in 6 mths!
Yes it's gonna be 6 mths like what the Strip therapist advised me, can you believe it?? YAY!

Oh, Kaikai just turned 5 months young on Saturday! Happy one-month-older!