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Sunday, February 7, 2010

My new ride

Finally, some photos of Mummy's speed demon :)

In my favourite Candy White. This color wasn't an available choice and we had to wait 8 weeks for one to be shipped from Germany.

The newest 18" Work Emotion 11R matte bronze rims, which had to be custom-made for our GTI's 5-pcd.
Again, more waiting. Took 9 weeks to reach us!

Personalised with Baby Adam's first pair of booties.

Actually, it is Baby Adam's car, Mummy is just the chauffeur :P
the young master is pictured here going grocery-shopping with Mummy.

(photo taken at 7 mths)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Charmaine JIEJIE *ahem*

Charm has made me turn my son into a little camwhore, modelling the bibs she bought for him.. what at 7 mths?!?! LOL
I like the design of this bib because it velcros at the back, unlike his Carters bibs which velcro at the side, so Baby Adam cant remove them.

But pictured is only the Tux bib, because Mummy is very busy this week! With a hair appointment and PLENTY of errands to run, I could hardly come home on time to feed Baby Adam his meals.
I went for my much-needed haircut and treatment to tame those unruly tresses.

Until this week, Baby Adam has always had 2 meals a day - Breakfast and Dinner.
I've been trying to hold off giving him Lunch because I want my baby to drink as much milk as possible.
However, this week, he had been waking up at wee hours every night and demanding extra milk feeds, and is always hungry. Therefore, I think it's time to add Lunch for Baby Adam.
As a result of all those wee-hour wakings and feeds, on top of my having to reach work at 7AM daily AND all those errands & appointment, I nearly collapsed from sleepiness.
I was late for work for 3 out of the 4 days I've been at work, and the remaining 1 day I took MC because I really couldnt tear myself away from the bed. That's how EXHAUSTED I was.
I was even tempted to just feign a fainting spell so that someone could carry me to a bed and let me sleep -__-

Okays I gotta go catch my much-needed shuteye - Baby Adam has to attend a Baby Shower tomorrow where there will be many babies and Andy's relatives, therefore I need to look Yummy Mummy hah!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You Aunty Charmaine!

Aren't these pressies lovely? What's even more lovely is the fact that Charm bought 'em for Baby Adam without any occasion, just only because she missed him. Sooooo sweeeeet of her!

And Thank goodness for galfrens.

Sighh I miss my gals.. We need to make time to come out for makan and catchup session soon, aunties!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A blueberry breakfast

New Zealand blueberries were on offer at NTUC yesterday when I was grocery-shopping with my Mum so I bought a punnet for Baby Adam.

I just wash the blueberries and drain off the water, pour them into my trusty food blender after adding a few scoops of yoghurt and viola~
That's a healthy breakfast and noon-time snack done!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mama Mia~

I started Baby Adam on organic pasta this weekend. Since he'd be mostly eating pasta and the sort in Melbourne, I thought I'd give him a good headstart.

Daddy made a pot of hearty pasta for both us adults while Baby Adam had his.
Pasta is a favourite in my house and something you could never go wrong with :)

Self play

Baby Adam is enjoying some "me time" here.
It has become a nightly ritual for him to play on our bed just before going to sleep.

"Once you're a parent, you never really sleep again, even when you're sleeping." - Hope Edelman
(interesting quote found on internet)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pa Pa Pa

Baby Adam said "Pa, pa... Pa pa pa" when Andy came home today, what an achievement!
Not fair, why didnt he call out to Mama first? Hmmph.
And nowadays, he's been going to bed later than he ever did before. I mean really late by a baby's standards - 11pm - 12am!

No matter how we coax, rock and let him suckle some milk in hope that our dear son would go to bed, he would be wide awake and only wants to play on our bed. If we even so much as carry him near his cot, he will scream and wail until we carry him over to our bed again. Gosh.

Sometimes I wonder how we let a child take over our lives like that.
Most of the time of course, it is Andy who caves in and let Adam have his way, spoiling our son rotten. Even my Mom commented that Andy spoils Baby A.

Adam is barely 7 months old and almost everyone - Andy, my family, colleagues and friends - have asked me the inevitable: "When are you going to try for No. 2?" Zzzz.. -__-
I think with the arrival of another baby, our lives will be topsy turvy.
But honestly, I'm hoping for a Rabbit baby so that by then, I can be a SAHM with our new home ready and all.
I can imagine myself ferrying a Toddler Adam to playschool already :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Playful lil munchkin

I-only-want-my-mama Adam is very sticky to me.
Once I'm back from work, he demands my full attention to him.
he just wants to be close to me, and thou shalt not leave his sight.

he will suck my legs and arm, as if he was still BFding. Maybe he misses my milk jugs? I miss BFding him too!

he will stare at me with loving puppy eyes.

My nice ass!

he is firm friends with the dogs. You know that by now, don't you?

Being amused by .. . . a packet of cotton pads.

Baby Adam said "Mum mum" once during his dinner, and he is saying "Aiya" all the time now.
his blabbering and shouting has increased so incredulously and I'm constantly amazed at his progress.

From perfume to ru yi oil, from LV & Chanel to diaper bags, from wine bottles to milk bottles, from late nights to lullabies, and everything else in between, life is definitely worth all the sacrifices :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dim Sum Lunch on Sunday

Feels fantastic to be well again, especially Baby Adam, who woke up without a runny nose - that really made my week.
Today, some Indonesian relatives came to visit and see Baby Adam for their first time.
After that, it was lunch at Singapore's only revolving restaurant at top of Prima Tower, with Grandparents Tan.

The panoramic view was magnificient - overlooking Sentosa, Vivo City, PSA and the city.

Baby Adam was happy, so were Daddy & Mummy! :) So glad that our Lil Monmon has recovered and is back to his usual cheeky self.

My fav Chinese dish - Peking Duck!

It came up to be an expensive lunch but to see everyone in high spirits having a dandy time was definitely worth it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010~

Hi goodpeople, how was your New Year celebrations?
Here are some belated photos to share.

On the morning of X'mas, busy boys opening the toy pressies.

Baby Adam's new past-time: peeping at his parents.

"I see you, Mom!"

"Stop taking photos and get yer ass HERE to carry me!"

This also means: no hanky-pankying in front of Baby Adam! since his cot is in our room.

...which leads me to wish for:
Our new love-nest to be ready soon!
Everyday I drive past the site and look at the works in anticipation. I'm glad to announce that our apartment is done! Now please hurry up and finish the rest of the estate, Sim Lian!
It's gonna be so fun being neighbours with a crazy woman who's gonna spy on me with her binoculars. I'll most prob bribe KW to help me walk the dogs Hah!

Andy & I have already thought of a list of household items to buy, including a Nespresso machine! 'though none of us drinks coffee hehehe... but we figured our guests would like having a piping hot mug of Nespresso while staying over.

After staying with Andy's parents for a year, I think I've had enough!
There are times when I feel like snatching Baby Adam and running back to my parents', where I am free to park my 3 prams wherever I like, where Baby Adam is free to roam in the 2 huge living rooms (1 with aircon), where the kitchen is spacious enough to accomodate all his steamer, steriliser, slow cooker etc without jamming up the place.

It isnt to say that I detest staying with my in-laws, but it sure is good to have a house to call your own, and have your own say when it comes to even simple things like where to hang the laundry, and nobody can say No to you because this is your pad... doncha think??

My 2nd wish for 2010 would be to - survive school!
I'll be starting in Feb, God bless me.
If you're curious to know how we celebrated the New Year, well, it's been a boring New Year for us.
Everyone in the family caught the flu bug, so for the entire week we've just been taking turns falling sick, especially poor Baby Adam, who took the brunt of it all because all those stupid adults (Andy, his Mum, his brother) just won't cover their mouths and noses when they coughed and sneezed, no matter how I told 'em to! And Baby Adam's toys, playpen and feeding chair are all over the living room!
So what did this Mummy do? I stuck to my guns like Meena told me to, and I got my Aunt LY, JJ and his gf Liping to come over and carry Baby Adam, his pram, his food, his diaper bag and head back to my parents'. Hah!
And this time, even Andy couldnt say "No" because Baby Adam is sick all because of them.

And Oh oh! Its's my birthday next month.
Can I wish for a new laptop and a Kate Spade diaper bag? *grins*

OK gotta go now.
Till next time!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Kai goes shopping...

... at IKEA!

My Mum, her friend and I spent 4 friggin' hours at IKEA Tampines! What a good way to spend my leave.
Baby Kai enjoyed it thoroughly, and as expected, we spent a huge portion of our time stuck at the Children's section and the cafe.
The tiny bed sets and everything else looks so delectable! Can't wait for our new home to be ready so we can start buying the cute cars & tracks carpet, matching theme bedsheets and more.

At the end of our shopping, amongst every big and small purchase, we also bought a huge toybox for the Lil Monster :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The post-Xmas entry

Our X'mas this year was anything but peaceful. I had a party at work filled with lots of food and noise.
Back at home, we went places and spent it with family and loved ones.
Little Munchkin caught the seasonal flu bug I passed to him, so you could imagine our bedsheets stained with sticky flu syrup which our baby had conveniently smeared on, Mummy's Rudolph red nose (somehow Baby A seems unaffected by his runny nose, although I certainly am!) , battling with his insomnia because he is too hyped up for the festive season (he seems to know Mummy is on long leave till next year). Hmmm.

Our little Munchkin goes to recce his "ONE IS FUN" Birthday venue in his smashin' new Cameleon. Yes, that's our slogan so please don't copy us when it's your turn Ok. You know who you are!
He has this nonchalent look on his face which seems to say that he is so used to all that fuss n pampering we shower on him.
It is this same silly look that makes me weak in the knees and wanna squeeze him tight and give him a wet slobbery kiss!

Here's wishing everyone a Charmed New Year with your loved ones!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas 2009

Before I disappear for my long vacation till 2010 (Yippee!!), I wanna wish all my friends & loved ones a MERRY MERRY X'MAS 2009 filled with lots of love & presents!

Perhaps the Biggest X'mas present Baby Kai is receiving this year is.... *drumroll please!*

the Bugaboo Cameleon!

I like it, it is so stylish. Not to mention, all the celebs are driving the Bugaboo.

Celebs driving the Cameleon:

Denise Richards

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes for baby Suri

Matt Damon

Ben Affleck

Tobey Maguire

Geri Halliwell

Gwen Stefani

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber

Gwenyth Paltrow

photos courtesy of

What I love is the changeable fabrics and canopy which allows you to customise your own Bugaboo.
We're gonna use this all-terrain buggy for our road trip to Melbourne in Feb 2010. *beams*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 7 Months old!

My precious Baby turns 7 Months old today. And he also cut his FIRST TOOTH today as well.
This emotional Mummy feels so proud of my Baby, but at the same time can't help but feel a slight tinge of sadness.
Baby Adam is slowly inching his way to Toddlerhood and further & further away from his infancy, which I can't get enough of!

People always comment that they have difficult babies, naughty babies, babies who don't sleep through the night, babies who cry for nothing, but Baby Adam has been such a pleasure to care for.
He makes mothering and loving him an easy and natural thing to do.

Emotional me took out his dried up umbilicus stump, snippets of his Full Month haircut, his calligraphy brush made from his hair... and reminisced.
I wish Baby Adam would always remain my precious lil baby - the one I carried inside me for 37 weeks and 3 days, the one I swaddled and cuddled against the warmth of my body during the early days of his life, the one who makes everyone laugh simply by laughing, the one who makes our lives complete.
I love you with all my heart, Baby Adam.
Happy One Month Older.