Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yachting weekend: island-hopping to Lazarus.

Hi everyone! We spent our lovely Saturday sailing off from One Degree Fifteen at Sentosa Cove and made our way to nearby Lazarus island where we ended the evening with a sunset BBQ and watching the skyline.
We had to drive both cars in order to fit all the food, fishing gear, humans and barangs.. Major operation.

My terrifying children

Beautiful weather!

I married a fisherman!

Why hello, Lazarus Island!

Who's ready for some food?

Starting the fire for our sunset BBQ.

BBQ crayfish with margarine... Delish!

Fishing by the breath-taking sunset

two mummies.

and then we ended the evening cruising to watch the skyline and some fireworks.

Life is grand.

The kids had a terrific time monkeying around and getting all dirty/ sticky/ smelly/ sweaty.
We adults had a marvellous time with the food, booze and chatter.

Paul got drunk (as usual) and called my MIL "Darling"... the last time he got drunk around my in-laws, he hugged my FIL!
from Fab Quote.

Life is like a rainbow if you dare to dream, but don't be disheartened if you come across obstacles and set-backs, for there cannot be rainbows in life without a little rain.

We had the most splendid weekend, what about you?
If you're exhausting your ideas of where to bring the kids on a boring weekend, consider chartering a yacht! Prices range from $550-$1200 depending on boat size and hours.
Contact person: Alex from Summit Marine for boat charter enquiries. 93822270
And yes, dreams do come true, just go to sleep!
Both kids are knocked out by the time we got home, and I'm beat. Good night and sweet dreams! :)

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